Carry On
Family don't end with blood

The Supernatural fandom is like a family.

Like any other family, we have our issues.  Sometimes we disagree.  Sometimes we fight.  Sometimes we even hurt one another.

However, when push comes to shove, we will go to the mat for each other time and time again.

This family has proven that when we stand united there isn't anything that we can't accomplish.  Whether it's raising thousands of dollars for charity or breaking a world record.

Carry On is a place for the Supernatural family to stand united against the evils of this world, as well as our own personal demons.  It is a safe place, where you can come and know that you are not alone.

If you have ever felt like you were going through your own personal apocalypse, this is the place for you.

If you want to stand alongside your Supernatural brothers & sisters and help them fight their war, this is the place for you.

Together we can stay strong and carry on.

Because family don't end with blood.




February 18, 2015

   Carry On in Sin City!

   This March will once again find all three Carry On ladies in Sin City for VegasCon!  Will you be there?  Read more...

February 4, 2015

   Random Acts:  February #GetKind

   "For February’s official theme, we’ve chosen to #GetKind for those whose lives are affected by illness, disease, or physical, mental, and emotional impairments that leave them with an extra dose of stress or trauma. As with last year’s “Mental Health” theme, we’ve decided to turn a spotlight on a subject that society as a whole tends to skirt around or treat as taboo  not because we want to highlight these disorders and disabilities, but because we want to celebrate the people who live with them on a daily basis."  Read more...

January 21, 2015

   Carry On Pin Project

   We need your help in funding our Carry On Pin Project.  Help us provide Carry On pins for the Supernatural Family.  Read more...

January 6, 2015

   Help Us Improve Carry On!

   Supernatural Family, we need your help in order to make sure that Carry On does the best job that it can at meeting the needs of our fandom.  Do you have an idea for a project?  Let us know!  Are there any articles, websites, or phone numbers that have helped you or someone you know?  Let us know!  Do you know of any fundraisers currently being run by the Supernatural Family?  We want to hear about them!  You can e-mail us at mail@carryonspn.comor tweet us at @CarryOn_SPN. 

December 27, 2014

   "Talk to Fans" - Updated

   Our "Talk to Fans" page has been updated with the contact info for several more fans.  If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to us or one of the several fans who are willing to listen.  Read more...

December 9, 2014

   March 18th marks the birthday of the lovely Danneel Ackles.  Carry On wants to do something to show her just how much she is loved and appreciated by her Supernatural Family!  Read more...

November 25, 2014


   The holidays are a time for giving, and we want to do what we can to give back to those families in need this holiday season as well as our Supernatural Family!  We are excited to announce our Holiday Raffle benefiting Toys for Tots!  Read more...

November 18, 2014



November 5, 2014


   Matt Cohen and Mandy Musgrave recently announced that they are expecting a beautiful baby boy in the near future.  Carry On wants to give the Supernatural Family the chance to welcome our newest member in style!  Read more...

October 28, 2014

   ChiCon Pictures Added!

   Our pictures from ChiCon have been added to the ChiCon 2014 page.  Check them out!  More...

October 15, 2014

   Carry On in Chicago!

   Our Director, Taya Hill, will be attending the Salute to Supernatural convention in Chicago next weekend.  Are you going?  Find out how you can lend a helping hand to your Supernatural Family while you're there.  Read more...

October 13, 2014

   Cards for Chris - 4 Days Left!

   There are only four days left to mail in your gift cards and/or "Thank You" cards for Creation's AMAZING photographer, Chris Schmelke!  Let's show him how much the Supernatural Family appreciates what he does!  Read more...

September 29, 2014

   Last Chance to Donate to "We're Thankful for Rob"!

   There are only two days left to donate to the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation in honor of Rob Benedict!  Donate here!

September 10, 2014

   Comedy Episodes Announced for Final #SPNSummer   Watch Party!

   The fandom has spoken!  We asked you to vote on the episodes you wanted to see in our Comedy Watch Party this Saturday evening, and you have chosen....

   Changing Channels

   Clap Your Hands if You Believe

   The French Mistake

   Great choices!  We can't wait to watch these hilarious episodes with all of you this Saturday!  See you there!

September 2, 2014

   200th Episode Projects! 

   There have been so many wonderful projects celebrating the upcoming 200th episode of Supernatural.  Here are just a couple that we think you should check out:

   Aerial Ad for Supernatural

   SPN Season 10 Gift Baskets

   If you have a Supernatural project or fundraiser that you would like us to help promote, please let us know!

August 31, 2014

   VanCon 2014 Pictures are up!

   Check out these lovely photographs from VanCon 2014, taken by our wonderful Co-Director, Julie Chapa!  Read more...

August 19, 2014

   Carry On in Vancouver!

   Two of the lovely ladies from Carry On--Claudine and Julie--will be partying it up with their fellow fans at VanCon this weekend!  They couldn't be more excited!

   In addition to live-tweeting all weekend, Claudine and Julie will also be collecting items for Cards for Chris and our Charity Auction.  You can find them in seats D16 or F28.

   Be sure to follow @CarryOn_SPN on Twitter for updates!

August 12, 2014

   Beneficiary Announced for Anniversary Auction!

   We are very excited to announce that the beneficiary for our Third Annual Anniversary Auction will be....St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!  Read more...

August 7, 2014

   Fundraiser for Misha's Birthday Banner

   When Carry On asked for birthday messages and adjectives for Misha Collins' 40th birthday, we were absolutely overwhelmed by submission after amazing submission.  What was only going to be an average-sized poster turned into a massive 3-feet-high by 9-feet-wide banner, filled with over 500 messages and 902 individual words describing Misha.  We were ecstatic...until we realized how costly such a banner was going to be.  Read more...

July 29, 2014

  Show your appreciation for Creation Entertainment's amazing photographer--Chris Schmelke!  We're collecting "Thank You" cards and gift cards.  Read more...

July 17, 2014

  Help Celebrate Sebastian Roche's Birthday!

   Sebastian Roche will be turing 50 years young on August 4th!  Help us celebrate by making a donation to one of his favorite charities--Room to Read!  Donate here.

July 10, 2014

   Carry On Fundraising Auction

   Carry On is holding a fundraising auction in order to raise money to help us pay for our projects and web hosting fees.  You can help us help other members of our Supernatural family by placing a bidor by helping to spread the word!  The auction closes on July 15th.

July 8, 2014

  #SPNSummer Women's Weekend Watch Party

   Clear your calenders and be sure to join the Carry On team this Saturday and Sunday as we celebrate some of the wonderful women of Supernatural!  Read more...

June 11, 2014,

   Team Free Will Watch Party:  Episodes Announced!

   The fandom has spoken!  We asked you to vote for the Team Free Will episodes you wanted to see in our first Summer Watch Party, and your Top 3 were:  Swan Song, The Man Who Would Be King, and Goodbye Stranger!  Great choices, guys! 

   Be sure to join us this Saturday on Twitter starting at 6:00pm EST for the party, and to use the hashtag #SPNSummer.  See you there!

June 6, 2014

   Donate to the ASPCA in Celebration of Kim Rhodes' Birthday!

   Kim Rhodes has been such a great friend to all of us here at Carry On, so we wanted to celebrate her birthday by paying it forward to one of her favorite charities--the ASPCA!  We are holding a weekend-long donation-thon!  Please give what you can and/or help us spread the word!  Read more...

June 1, 2014

   Kudos to the Convention Kings!

   Richard Speight Jr. and Matt Cohen do so much for their Supernatural Family!  Well, now it's our chance to give back.  Read more...

May 22, 2014

   Carry On's Summer Watch Parties!

   Exorcise those Hellatus blues and keep yourself entertained over the Summer by participating in our Summer Watch Parties!  We will be having multiple Supernatural Watch Parties over the course of the next four months.  Find out more...

May 12, 2014

   The Geekiary's Post Finale Rewatch!

   Carry On is very excited to be participating in The Geekiary's Post Finale Rewatch!  If past Supernatural finales are any indication, we're going to have a lot of feels to soothe.  The Geekiary is letting fans vote on some of the more lighthearted episodes for us all to watch and tweet about on May 24th.  You can vote here!

May 9, 2014


   Misha Collins is turning the big 4-0 this August!  (I know!  He wears it well!)  We want to give fans the chance to show Mr. Collins just how much he means to us, as well as wish him the happiest of birthdays!  Read more...

May 6, 2014

   $1,800 Raised for Random Acts!

   Our 2nd annual Anniversary Auction is now finished, and we are pleased to announce that we were able to raise $1,800 for Random Acts!  Thank you so much to everyone who bid and to everyone who donated an item. 

April 27, 2014

   Anniversary Auction:  Final Round!

   The final round of our charity auctions for Random Acts are now active.  This round features items that didn't sell in their previous auctions (at a much reduced price!).  This is your chance to get some great deals on some Supernatural items, and help us raise some more money for a fantastic charity!  Read more...

April 19, 2014

   Sebastian and Alicia Project has Been Extended

   Due to a lack of submissions, we have extended the wedding project for Sebastian and Alicia until Friday, April 25th.  If you haven't already, please take a moment to send in a message and/or photo.  Read more...

April 19, 2014

   Anniversary Auction:  Round 5 is Now Open

   This is our biggest round of auctions yet, folks!  We've got some really great items up for bid in Round 5, including Osric Chau's "Kevin Solo" costume from Vegas Con!  Check them out...

April 16, 2014

   Anniversary Auction:  Round 4 is Now Open

   Our fourth round of auctions for Random Acts is now open for bidding!  We've already raised so much money for this wonderful cause, so let's keep it up!  View items...

April 13, 2014

   Anniversary Auction:  Round 3 is Now Open

   The third round of our charity auctions for Random Acts is now open for bidding!  There are some pretty amazing items this round.  Check them out...

April 9, 2014

   Anniversary Auction:  Round 2 Now Open

   The second round of items for our charity auction benefitting Random Acts are now available for you to bid on!  Check them out...

April 6, 2014

   Carry On's Anniversary Auctions Begin Today!

   Today marks Carry On's two year anniversary and the start of our Anniversary Auctions benefitting Random Acts!  The first round of auctions are now open for bidding!  Read more...

March 29, 2014

   Auction Items Now Available for Preview

   You can now view the items that will be available for you to bid on during our charity auction (beginning April 6th).  Take a look...

March 23, 2014

   Two Exciting New Projects!

   Carry On is very excited to announce not one, but TWO new projects!  As always, we need your help to make sure that these projects are a success.  Find out more...

March 20, 2014

   Join the Carry On team on Tuesday, April 1st as we watch and tweet about the first three Trickster/Gabriel episodes!  More details...

February 20, 2014

   Carry On in Las Vegas!

   Will you be attending Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural convention in Las Vegas next month?  So are we!  More...

February 11, 2014

   Celebrate the Strong Women of Supernatural!

   Carry On is very excited to be a part of Winchester Bros' #SPNathon!  Join us on Sunday, February 16th as we watch and tweet about multiple episodes of Supernatural that feature some of our favorite kick-ass women!  Tune in for your favorite episode or stick around for all nine!  More details...

   Make sure you're following our team:


   @tayahill - Taya

   @missbluejuju - Julie

   @GeniusMadness - Claudine

February 2, 2014

   Spend Valentine's Day with the Carry On team as we watch and tweet about Season Five's "My Bloody Valentine"!  Find out how you can join in the fun!  Details...

January 23, 2014

   Family Don't End wih Blood

   A member of our Supernatural Family recently suffered the loss of her mother.  Her name is Alexis, and she is one of the kindest, most generous people we have had the pleasure of meeting.  She always has a smile on her face and is quick to offer a helping hand to members of the fandom.  Now, we'd like to do the same for her.  Read more...

December 31, 2013

   Happy New Year!

   The Carry On staff would like to wish everyone in the Supernatural family a very happy New Year! 

   2013 was an amazing year!  We accomplished some wonderful things, and we would have never been able to do it without you!  We completed our "What Supernatural Means to Me" book and sent it off to the Supernatural studios.  We raised hundreds of dollars for PACERS National Bullying Prevention Center.  We created a huge "Thank You" card for Creation's convention photographer, Chris.  You all opened your hearts to our extened Supernatural family, and sent messages of support and comfort to Julie McNiven's brother, Scott.  And our "Pledge Away the Pounds" project with Ty Olsson raised over $3,000 for the Christie Lake Kids Camp!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

   Next year is going to be bigger and better than ever!  We have some wonderful things planned already.  We have two projectscurrently in progress, and we plan on making this year's anniversary auction (benefitting Random Acts) a HUGE success!  We're sure we can count on all of you to help us out. 

   Thanks for a wonderful year, Supernatural family!  See you in 2014!

   ---The Carry On Team

December 20, 2013

   Video Project for Rob Benedict

   To celebrate Rob's return to the stage with Louden Swain at the upcoming Vegas Con, the Supernatural family is putting together a video to welcome him back.  Find out how you can participate!  Read more...

December 10, 2013

   Win Lunch with Supernatural Writer - Adam Glass!

   Adam Glass is attempting to raise some money for his son's school, and has offered up lunch with himself and other L.A. writers as the prize!  There are only two days left to bid, so there's no time to waste!  Read more...

December 1, 2013

   At BurCon this year, Rob Benedict revealed to his fans that he'd had a small stroke at the convention in Toronto.  He's doing all right now, but Carry On wanted to give fans the opportunity to show Rob how much he's loved by his Supernatural family.  Read more...

November 21, 2013


   There's no denying that cyber-bullying is a problem within the Supernatural fandom.  SPN Anti-Bullying is one group that has stepped up to try and do something about it.  If you haven't yet, please be sure to check them out on Twitterand Tumblr.





Carry On is not a medical organization.  We are a collection of Supernatural fans here to offer whatever advice and help that we can provide.  If you are someone who is dealing with issues of depression, self-harm, eating disorders, suicide, etc., please seek professional help.  Click here for some helpful numbers and websites.

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