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Past Projects


On February 10th, 2016, Gil McKinney lost his father.  Our hearts broke for him.  We knew that fans wanted to show their love and support for Gil and his family, so we had the Supernatural Family send in messages and we organized them into a book for Gil.  We presented it to him at NashCon 2016.

We wanted to give fans the opportunity to show Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster how much they have inspired their Supernatural Family.  Fans sent in letters of love for these two amazing ladies, and we presented them to the dynamic duo at NashCon 2016. 


To celebrate the engagement of Mark Sheppard and Sarah Fudge, Carry On collected money to have a star named after the couple.  We presented Mark with the certificate, star chart, and a "Congratulations" card signed by over 200 fans at ChiCon 2015.

Supernatural conventions changed forever with the addition of Louden Swain.  We wanted to give fans the opportunity to show the band how much we appreciate all that they have done for us.  We compiled a book of messages and photos, and we presented it to the band at ChiCon 2015.  They were very excited and grateful. 


It's no secret that Danneel Ackles has been the target of quite a bit of hate from some so-called "fans".  For her birthday this year (2015), Carry On wanted to do something to show Danneel just how much she was loved by her Supernatural Family!  We asked you guys to send in birthday messages for her and the response was overwhelming!  We received hundreds of messages from fans in over thirty different countries!

We presented Jensen with the book at VegasCon so that he could pass it along to her.  We love you, Danneel!


When Matt Cohen and Mandy Musgrave announced that they were expecting a baby boy, Carry On wanted to give their Supernatural Family the opportunity to congratulate the first-time parents.  Fans sent in hundreds of messages and we compiled them together into a book, which we presented to Matt at San Francisco Con.



If you've been lucky enough to attend one of Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural conventions, than you know how truly amazing their photographer--Chris Schmelke--is! 

We asked fans to send in "Thank You" cards and gift cards for Chris to show him just how much he was appreciated by the Supernatural Family. 

We received an incredible amount of cards, which we presented to Chris at ChiCon 2014.



On August 20th, 2014, Misha Collins celebrated his 40th Birthday! 

In preparation for this milestone, Carry On asked fans to submit messages for Misha, as well as some words that they thought best described him.  The fandom responded to this project with more enthusiasm than we've seen for any of our previous projects!  Over 500 messages and 900 words were submitted! 

The top three words used to describe Misha:  Amazing (82 times), Funny (73 times), and Kind (60 times).

The response was so overwhelming that the banner ended up being 9ft x 3ft!

We presented the banner to Misha a few days after his birthday, while at VanCon.  He was incredibly touched!


Carry On called upon the Supernatural Family to show their love and appreciation for our Convention Kings--Richard and Matt!  You guys sent us tons of messages, photos, and fanart!  We combined all of your submissions into a book and presented it to Rich and Matt at VanCon 2014.




   To celebrate the wedding of Sebastian Roche and Alicia Hannah, we asked fans to send in their well-wishes to the happy couple.  We received messages from fans all over the world, and we were able to create a beautiful hand-made book the newlyweds! 


   May 30th marked the 50th Birthday of the one and only Mark Sheppard!  We asked fans to send in messages, photos, fan art, and more.  Like always, you guys delivered big time!  We were able to create a beautiful book for Mark, which we presented to him at DC Con 2014.

After Rob Benedict suffered a stroke at a convention in Toronto, his Supernatural family rallied behind him.  Carry On collected messages and photos from fans, and compiled them into a book which we gave to Rob at Vegas Con in March of 2014. 



After Rachel Miner revealed that she has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Carry On wanted to do something to show her how much her Supernatural family loves and supports her.  In addition to raising over $1,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, we collected several cards and messages from fans all over the world.  We put them together into a book and presented it to Rachel at Vegas Con 2014.



"Family Don't End with Blood"

After one of our Supernatural sisters lost her mother, the fandom rallied behind her.  Fellow fans sent in messages of love and support, and Carry On made them into a book to give to Alexis.

"Thanks to all the fans who contributed to my message book.  It really does bring new meaning to "Family Don't End with Blood".  I consider my SPNfamily to be most precious in the world and I will never forget this and will always cherish memories we've shared together and my memories of my dear mother." -Alexis

   After Julie McNiven (Anna) told her Twitter followers that her brother Scott's cancer was terminal, Carry On wanted to give Supernatural fans the opportunity to show their support for the McNiven family.  Fans from all over the world sent in messages of support for Scott.  We combined all of the messages together into a book and gave it to Julie at the Supernatural convention in Chicago.



    In the summer of 2013, Ty Olsson asked his fans to pledge a donation to Christie Lake Kids Camp for every pound that he lost in June and July.  Ty did an awesome job, losing 15 pounds!  Carry On set our donations goal at $2,000, but the Supernatural Family smashed!  When all was said and done, we'd raised $3,022!


   Throughout Season 8, Carry On asked fans to send us their stories tellings us exactly what Supernatural truly meant to them.  We were flooded with stories from fans of all ages and nationalities!  We assembled all of the stories into a book and sent it to the Supernatural studios.


   If you have ever attended one of Creation's Salute to Supernatural conventions, than you have almost certainly come into contact with their wonderful photographer, Chris.  Chris is such a wonderful part of the Supernatural family.  He has brought so many people so much joy!

   At Vegas Con 2013, Carry On presented Chris with a "Thank You" card signed by several Supernatural fans. 


In December of 2012, Carry On asked fans to donate what they could so that we could have a star named in honor of our Supernatural sister, Amy, who has been fighting cancer.  The Supernatural family, as always, came through.

You can read Amy's response here.

Random Acts Collection/"Thank You, Misha!"

  Carry On had Supernatural fans send in donations for Random Acts as well as "Thank You" cards for Misha Collins for us to take to ChiCon.  You all rose to the challenge!  We collected dozens of items for Chicago's Center for Abused Women and their Children Shelter.  We also received tons of cards, letters, and pictures for Misha!


Remembering George

After D.J. Qualls had to have his dog, George, put down, Carry On asked fans to send him messages, cards, and to donate to their local animal shelters in George's name.  The Supernatural family responded, and we combined everything into a book which we presented to D.J. at ChiCon.  He was very moved.

   After several "fans" began harassing Danneel Ackles, we asked the Supernatural family to step up and send her some love!

   Watch the video here!



After the suicide of the father of Kim Rhodes, Carry On began collecting messages from Supernatural fans to show Kim how much we supported and loved her.  We also collected donations for the ASPCA.  Over 100 messages were collected and over $500 raised.



Update:  Here is Amy's response to receiving her package:

Letters For Amy

Some of you may have heard about Amy.  She is a member of our Supernatural family who has been fighting for her life against a stomach tumor.  There has been a tremendous outpouring of support for her via Twitter and Tumblr.  It’s time for Carry On to get in on the action!

Here’s what I’d like to do.  I would like to have everyone write a letter of support to Amy.  A HANDWRITTEN letter.  Pour all of your love and support and encouragement into it.  I want to collect all of them and put them together into a book.  I will then decorate the book and send it to Amy.  :-)

If you want to include more than your letter, feel free.  Stickers, fanfiction, drawings, etc.

Here are a few things that Amy likes:

- Dean Winchester (a lot)

- Dean and Sam as brothers

- Hurt!Dean or Demon!Dean

- Hurt!Dean with a comforting!Sam or worried!Sam (h/c)

- Jensen Ackles

- Jensen and Jared as friends

- Hurt!Jensen

- Hurt!Jensen with a comforting!Jared or worried!Jared (h/c)

- schmoop, angst, sweet, horror. I think she likes almost anything.

Decorate your letter and make it look nice and pretty.  Heck, decorate the envelope too if you’d like.

Let’s get started!