Carry On
Family don't end with blood






This group is a place where Supernatural fans can discuss the show without fear of judgement or attack. This is a place for shippers and non-shippers alike. This is a place that acknowledges that everyone has a different interpretation of the show, the characters on the show, and the relationships between those characters...and that no one is right and no one is wrong....

1. Do not post anything hurtful or insulting about fellow fans.
2. No ship-bashing, character-bashing, or actor-bashing. (it's okay to dislike something; it's okay to say long as it doesn't turn nasty)
3. Do not post spoilers about unaired episodes. Once the clock strikes 8:00pm EST on Thursday---discuss away! (Previews and Sneak Peeks are NOT considered spoilers)
4. This group is for the discussion of Season 12, and past seasons as they relate to Season 12.  Please do not post fanvids, art, fics, pics, etc. We've got a doc for that.
5. Try to keep things positive!
6. If you have any worries or concerns, please bring them to the attention of one of our admins.

Thank you and have fun!