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Fan Contacts

Name: Kieran


"Avid supernatural fan, that's been to Hell and back countless times struggling with psychotic depression, social anxiety and problems with suicide and self harm. Here for anybody at all that wants somebody that'll try hard to understand, listen and help if I can, always keep fighting and carry on"

Name: Allison


"Hello!! I absolutely love talking and listening to anyone. If you need to fangirl about the latest spn episode or need to talk about personal struggles I am here to lend a sympathetic ear."

Name: Michael

Twitter: mtmx45


"A deep depression hit me on the day of January 6th, 2015. My best friend, Bradley, was working on his car and it collapsed on him, killing him instantly. We shared a lot of common interests, like SPN which we had been watching together since 2005 on cable. I am a big fan of Always Keep Fighting."

Name: Maddie



"Going through a hard time, looking for some new friends to talk about the one thing that's been keeping me going :) "

Name: Emily



"Hello, my name is Emily. I have struggled with depression and anxiety all of my life. Keep fighting the good fight, I'm here to talk :) "

Name: Caitlin

Tumblr: delenaforeva

Twitter: @LexiLucyDemi


"I love Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Destiel. Follow me, email me, whatever. We can talk Supernatural, other fandoms, or personal stuff. I'm always willing to listen and give advice. Some other fandoms I'm part of are TVD, The 100, Demi Lovato, Charmed, PLL, and Selena Gomez. "

Name: Katie



"Hi! :) I'd love to make good friends on Tumblr that I can fangirl with about Supernatural, Castiel, and newest episodes. <3"


Name:  Taya


Twitter:  @tayahill


"Hi.  I'm Taya.  I am the founder of this group.  I hope that you all will follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, and I hope you know that I am always here whenever you need to talk."


Name:  Jessica


Twitter:  @angelandtardis

"I've been through Hell and back, and I'll be here to guide you through it too."


Name:  Michele

Twitter:  @lVlich313

"Hi.  I'm Michele.  If you need someone to listen just send a tweet my way.  I'll be happy to listen."


Name:  Amanda

Twitter:  @mandancie


"Hi, I am a good friend that loves everybody. :o) If ever you need to vent or just get something off your chest I am here. And if you just want to talk Supernatural I am always here LOL! :o)"


Name:  Marissa

Twitter:  @RedneckRissa


"My name is Marissa (you can call me Rissa cuz thats what I've been to friends and family since birth lol) and I'm 24. I've been watching SPN with my sister since episode one, and we used to watch with my dad as well when he was still alive. I lost my dad 5 years ago at age 19, so watching SPN now is not only a bonding experience for my younger sister and I, but also a way to keep my dad with us. It also helps that my sister is so much like Sam and I am so much like Dean. I'm very friendly and outgoing, and I love to lend a sympathetic and helping ear."


Name:  Cammie


Twitter:  @VivaLaRabidnar

"There isn't much to say about me. I just want people to know that whether they need to rant or just ramble about Supernatural because they're feeling lonely, I'm someone who is willing to listen."


Name:  Jackie


"Here for whoever needs an ear. I am a great listener... and judgement free. So anything you need to talk about- feel free to email me. =)"


Name:  Shari


Twitter:  @dreamfaerye


"Hey everyone! I'm Shari, currently trying to get back on my feet after a breakdown and being diagnosed with major depressive disorder. If you need to talk about anything, I'm here. No judgement. Seriously,
with some of the things I've done and thought of doing, there is no room for judgement. :)"


Name:  Brandy

Twitter:  @brandini13


"I'm a screenwriter who only recently found the amazing show of Supernatural (thank you tnt for reruns).  I'm not just a fan of the show, but a fan of the fandom! In this industry, you all are the kind of fans we dream about having!!! I'm honored to be among you :) "


Name:  Lillian

Tumblr: and

Twitter:  @lilyreid


"I'm happy to talk about any problems, comments, questions,or you just need a friend."


Name:  Amy


"Hiya! I'm Amy, a devoted nerd who's hopelessly obsessed with Supernatural. The fandom is like another family to me...if you ever need to talk; I'm here for you!!"


Name:  Lindsey



"Hii guys, I have lots of experience in mental illesses, eating disorders, personality disorders, death of loved ones, and everything in between. Always love to lend a shoulder to cry on or anything you


Name:  Jez

Twitter:  @jezabelnhell


"SPN addict since a friend first showed it to me (thank you khecka!) best way to reach me is on FB, use the email to find me and away we go! i'm here way too much so i am most always available and i love talking to all different kinds of people! ;p"


Name:  Madeleine

Twitter:  @MadAlaska


"Though I've only been watching Supernatural since August; the show, the fandom and the cast/crew have helped me through a lot, just by being.  I had clinical depression for several years, and life is a constant battle, I'm always working through stuff, but I'm here to help, to listen and to care."


Name:  Ashley

Twitter:  @SpnHunter_Witch


"Hey everyone, I'm Ashley.I have a brother and our relationship is practically identical to Dean and Sam's. We've been through so much together and we have survived it all, together. Family doesn't end with blood, so talk to me if you need me and I will always be there."


Name:  Michaela



"If I can be of help I want to be here for you. If you ever want to talk about any problem, no matter how you measure it, I want to hear it. I'll try to help the best I can in any situation so feel free to come talk
to me. I'm willing to listen."


Name:  Alison

Twitter:  @alyparafan

"Born and raised in Tennessee. Been a supporter of our boys since season three. :)"


Name:  Meg


Twitter:  @WaywardMcBride

"I'm Megan, but all my friends call me McBride! I'm only 15, but I've been through a lot in my life. Everyone deserves to be loved, so why not start with the Supernatural Family? I am usually available 24/7 to talk to anyone who needs someone to vent to, advice from, or just wants a friend!"


Name:  Michelle


Twitter:  @GodsGirlChelle

"I am a small town girl who has been made fun of all her life but I love lending a helping hand, in this case "eye or ear" I love spn! I have recently become a huge fan because of my best friend. I love God, my friends and family."


Name:  Elizabeth


"I've been living with a number of chronic mental and physical illnesses for many years, and there is literally nothing that anyone could tell me that would freak me out. If anyone ever wants someone to rant to, please always feel free to get in touch."


Name:  Priyanka


Twitter:  @TheChosenPun


"Hey everyone. I'm Priy and I'm from London. You can always message me on tumblr and twitter if you need a chat or even e-mail me. I'm always here to listen and offer any advice, if I can."


Name:  Cheyenne

Twitter:  @ladychipninja


"I'm Steph. I'm 35 and a mom to a beautiful boy who's 19 months. In my 35 years on Earth, I've certainly lived. Beat breast cancer twice. Recently had another brain tumour removed. I'm from England but now live in Chicago. Always here for you if you need me XXOXX"


Name:  Sonny

Twitter:  @Sonnyu28


"I've had panick attacks, battled bulimi, survived a horrible relationship break, to a point where I contemplated suicide but with help from my SPN family I overcame that dark place. If u need to talk or just a cyber hug, please, email me or find me on twitter or Facebook."

Name:  Janis
"I have been through so much in the time I have spent on this planet and would love to talk to anyone going through any hard tomes, just wanting someone to talk to or to obsess over superntural hehe :) I'm great at understanding and love horror movies so if you need to talk, I'm here :) "


Name:  Amber



"I am twenty years old and a mother of two. I have gone through some pretty bad times in my life. I ended up in a psych ward once for extreme depression because I /didn't/ have a community like this or people I could turn to. That's why I want to help others who feel like hey have nowhere to turn."


Name:  Sara


Twitter: @rainbowglory13


"I've been on this earth for 25 years, I am an avid Taco eater and I love to write. I love my beautiful and wonderful little niece Zoey. I consider myself a homebody. I'm very introverted though and I'm aspiring to be a hairstylist."


Name:  Jessica

Twitter:  @SPN_For_Life

"I'm short but don't care its just my height not the size of my heart. Family is the most important thing to me, family doesn't stop with blood. I think Supernatural fans are unique and amazing the only time i feel
like someone understands my love for Supernatural is when I'm with other fans."


Name:  Rebecca


Twitter:  @becca0408



Name:  Jenni




"Hello, I am Jenni. I love meeting new people andtalking to people. Feel free to contact me about anything."


Name:  Michelle


Twitter:  @carryonwayward1


"Supernatural fan, Doctor Who and many more, but Supernatural holds a special place in my heart and always will. I make gifs and memes, talk about the show and anything that has interested me or amused me. I'll chat with anyone and I'm always friendly and easy going."


Name:  Claudia


Twitter:  @swissmom8873

"I am a geek and I own an etsy shop that makes some neat SPN merch and gives 10% of sales to charity each month. I am addicted to spn, cause I truly believe it saved my life."



Name:  Kitten


Twitter:  @I_am_the_Impala


"I cosplay as the Impala and spend a lot of my energy convincing everyone to watch our show! I'm always looking for more SPN lovers to talk to and hang out with. If you need me for anything just let me know! :) "


Name:  Sabahath


Twitter:  @SabahathHena


"Dentist by profession. #SUPERNATURAL addict by heart. #ACKLEholic, #DEANholic, (EVERY AVATAR JENSEN PLAYS)-holic.. all me.. :-D proud to be part of #SPNfamily .From Saudi Arabia"


Name:  Kitty (Mel)


Twitter:  @SPNMel

"A Supernatural fan who created a character for Supernatural."


Name:  Shyla

Twitter:  @shylacolt


"Reader, writer, mom, and Marine wife, I know all about stress and loneliness. Supernatural and the amazing fans have always been there for me, and I want to do the same for others."


Name:  Michelle

Twitter:  @MichelleAmodia

"I have 3 kids. Teenage years have me on the brink of insanity. Until March when I was laid off for the first time in my life, I worked too much to make friends or have a social life, not going to let that happen again! I have 2 ears to listen and a very open mind, I'll help any way I can :) "


Name:  Sabrina


"My name is Sabrina, I'm 17 residing in Illinois.  My love for Supernatural is quite unhealthy as well as my fangirling over Dean Winchester."


Name: Caitlyn
"While I am currently going through emotional issues, as well as addictions, I also found the link to Carry On. I started crying, not just because it reminded me that people care about others but because I realized that this show affected other people just as deeply as it did me. We are all family."

Name:  Cheri

Twitter:  @CherieLynnBear


"I'm new to the fandom thanks to a chick I work with. And I stumbled upon this particular site from Twitter and I think it's a great idea!!! I've dealt with a ton in my life and I'm always willing to lend an ear or hand to anyone that may need it :) "


Name: Hannah
Twitter: @LucifersGrace_
"My names Hannah, ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. I don't judge anything or anyone."

Name: Amanda
Twitter: @xMadeToHeal
"Hey I'm Amanda I'm 24 from NY,and I'm willing to lend and ear to anyone who's having a hard time or needs a distraction from urges or thoughts. I've been in and out of hospitals for about a decade for Bipolar,Self-Harm and Bulimia. So if anyone needs IP advice,I'm more than willing to talk about it!"


Name: Maria
Twitter: Mariareedangelo
"Mom of 4 amazing kids, I come from a very Large it align family and I Love them all so much, couldn't imagine not having them all in my life! I have been watching spn since it started, got the kids addicted by season 3. B-)"


Name: Katie
Twitter: @wterfall24
" I am a wonderful listener and my friends say I give awesome advice. I live for music. I majored in music in college. I have a pretty serious medical condition but I do not let that stop me in finding happiness in everyday life. I am always here for anyone and can talk about almost anything."

Name:  Vanessa

Twitter:  @VanessaAm1987


"Hey! I'm Vanessa, from Quebec, Canada! I'm a fan since the first episode back in 2005. Been a fan of Jared since he played Dean Forester in Gilmore Girls! He's my hero! I've been to my first convention last year in Toronto after spending the evening before at the Hospital because I had food poisoning!"


Name:  Abby

Tumblr:  hiddlestonandmacklemoredean

Twitter:  @abbythatshakrie

"Like the rest of us, im fighting my personal demons.  My shows (Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who,Arrow, TTP and TVD.) remove me from reality and make me happy. Though I am a emotional hurricane im actually a good listener."


Name:  Sophie


Twitter:  @sopralto817

"I've always been a huge geek, and fandom is family, especially one like this. So, if you ever need advice, cheering up, to just rant, or just a shoulder to cry on, (or even to just talk about the show!) feel free to PM me! I'll be here! :) "


Name:  Isabel

Tumblr:  tardis221bbakerst

Twitter:  BellaHaack

"Hiya! I'm Bella and I'm new to the supernatural fandom. I'm here is anyone wants to talk. The best way to reach me is my email or tumblr! I only got a twitter for the Day of the Doctor and rarely go on it. I love that this fandom is so close and I'm really happy that I've joined!"


Name:  Barbara

Twitter:  @Barbara6211

"My hubby and I are huge fans of the show. We found SPN about season 4. Since then we have watched and re-watched the entire series to 9."


Name:  Ashely

Tumblr:  musingsofashley

"Hey, my name is Ashley and I'm an art student working on my Bachelor's. I got hooked into Supernatural by a college professor during season 6 and bought season 1 on a whim... yeah, haven't been able to put it down since. I'm 23 and am totally up for chatting about the show or life in general."


Name:  Alena


Twitter:  @winchestpudding

" Hello! I'm Alena and I love Supernatural...though you probably do too if you're here. If you ever need a friend, remember we're family. I'm here for you."


Name:  Jace


Twitter:  @eksterteran

"I'd love to make friends, although I tend to be like Cas; awkward, hiding my own problems, and a willing ear even though I suck at advice. I'm schizo-affective and have GAD with OCD and mild agoraphobia. YOU CANNOT PESTER ME TOO MUCH, AND YOU CANNOT TELL ME ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE ME JUDGE YOU."


Name:  Kaitlin


Twitter:  @DanceKaitoDance

"I'm an Australian Supernatural fan, i'm 18. I love dancing, drawing, music and pretty much everything pop culture.

i've had my fair fair share of battles and i've been to hell and back. I'm here to help show you the way out now. Everybody deserves happiness. i'm always here, for anyone xo"


Name:  Sophie


"I'm 17 and I'm from Austria. (Luckily) I don't have much experience with school or family problems, but if you need someone to talk to, if you're feeling lonely, if you need a friend I'm here for you. I'm also willing to stay up late or skip sleep  if you're having a rough day, just message me."


Name:  Amadea


Twitter:  @amadeakoprivec1

"Hi. I'm Amadea if you need any advice or just to went - I'm here and I'll always do my best to help you."


Name:  Allison

Twitter:  @alanglophile

"I m a married mom of 2 with fibromyalgia.  I work a full time job as a civilian employee of a local law enforcement agency.  My illness makes me feel isolated much of the time.  SPN has given me a diversion from the pain.  :) "


Name:  Samantha

Twitter:  @LupinePrincess1

"I am a single mother and I love talking to people. I never judge and I have been told that I give good advice. Contact me about anything and everything. I am always willing to listen. :-) "


Name:  Erin

Twitter:  @minalita21

"Hey everyone! I'm Erin and I have been watching Supernatural since day one.  My sister is the only person I know who watches the show! Anyway, I'm looking for friends to chat about the show and life in general!"


Name:  Kimmie

Twitter:  @bell415

"I am 42 a wife and a mother of two great ladies. I love supernatural and I am a big fan of Jared & Jensen.  I have never had the pleasure of meeting them in public bug would really love to be able to thank them."


Name:  Michelle

Twitter:  @miczah

"Hi,I'm Michelle,32 from the UK,now living in Turkey.Mum to an amazing little lady.Feel abit like I am completing an ad for the personals section in a newspaper! lol. Willing to listen/talk about anything.Huge fan of SPN since the first ep and am proud to say iv converted several others into
fans too."


Name:  Sam

Twitter:  @LupinePrincess1

"Hi all! I'm Sam (Samantha when I'm in trouble lol). I'm a good sounding board for people to vent to according to my friends around home so if anyone wants to talk or vent or whatever email or tweet me. :-) I'm always available to listen!"


Name:  Sara


"I discovered SPN when my twins were younger. The show has helped me discover (and be proud of)who I am- a geek. I love the work of Random Acts. I'm so open minded I'm surprised my brain doesn't leak, always happy to chat."


Name:  Henri

Twitter:  @givinen

"Hey. My name is Henri, soon-to-be 18 years old SPN addict from Finland. If you wanna chat or talk about anything, I'm here :) "


Name:  Maria

Twitter:  @mariareedangelo

"I have been a fan of SPN from day one, an obsession I share with my youngest daughter.  I'm a great listener and only give advice if asked, I believe sometimes you just need someone to hear you not fix you!"


Name:  Keylee

Twitter:  @__cherry05

"Hello, everyone! I'm a seventeen-year-old girl who lives in Puerto Rico. I'm both fluent with English and Spanish. I love Supernatural all the way and some people don't understand that, haha. Talk to me if you'd like; you got a friend right here!"


Name:  Christina

Twitter:  @Supernatural_29


"Hey this is Christina I am part of the supernatural fandom. I love Misha Collins,Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, I use ifunny a lot and usentwitter and I like to meet new people, especially if they're into Supernatural. So maybe follow on twitter maybe and love to meet you all."


Name:  Hannah

Twitter:  @infinite_misha


"I haven't been watching Supernatural for even a year, but I have been obsessed since a fandom broke into my house at 4 AM and said "Dad's on a hunting trip, and he hasn't been home in a few days.""


Name:  Chenelle


Twitter:  @poetic_genius18


"Hey all. I'm Chenelle. I'm 22 and from the US Virgin Islands. I love to talk to new people and always willing to lend a listening ear. Feel free to contact me in any way."


Name:  Nanna

Twitter:  @nannasofie94

"Hi everyone!  My name is Nanna, im from Denmark.  If you ever need someone to talk to, or just want  a new Friend, You can email or Tweet me anytime you Like!  The supernatural family has always been there for me, so i always want  to help others who needs support or just a somone to talk to!:) "


Name:  Sonja


Twitter:  @diditforcastiel


"Everybody describes me differently so I don't even try anymore. But what I can tell you for sure, is that if you've got anything that you'd just like to let out, I am more than willing to listen, and help, if possible. And if you want to talk about Supernatural, too, obviosly. I wish you a nice day!"


Name:  Vivane

Twitter:  @lana862


"My name's Viviane. I'm swiss, 39 years. Fan of Supernatural from the beginning."


Name:  Mimi


Twitter:  @brownsuger33150

"I have met many wonderful people in this fandom that i love sooo much if you just want to chat or just fangirl out after an episode or just have a moment dont hesitate :D"


Name: Olivia


Twitter: @impala___67

"Hi I've been a Supernatural fan since I was eight I talk to much and I can sleep for 13 hours straight I'm a good friend and always willing to talk. I'm best reached through twitter."


Name: Tassie

Twitter: @TassieCrews


"38, mom of 4... been around the block a time or ten.  Not much I haven't seen or done.  Social worker, writer, student, counselor, wife, mother... drop me a tweet or an email if you need an ear."


Name: Ashley

Twitter: @ashelisabeth95

"I got into supernatural last year while recovering from a craniotomy, now it's an escape for me, I love talking about it and hearing other people's stories."


Name: Kim

Twitter: @Athena59

"I'm a big fan of Supernatural & love the SPN Family. I'm an over 40 single mom of one amazing girl. I've experienced depression, domestic violence, divorce, PTSD, working too much & too little. I'm a good listener, but I can also geek out & fangirl with you!"


Name: Lacey

Twitter: @laceyfern


"Hi I'm Lacey. A lifelong fangirl. I've been to some pretty dark places in my life and have always found a way through (with a little help from nerdy things along the way). If you ever need someone to talk to or vent to, I'm here. Even if all you need is someone to talk about geeky things with."


Name: Angela

Twitter: @Okie_Angel7

"I have Rapid Cycling Bipolar I Disorder with Anxiety and PTSD (very long official diagnosis).  I have 2 sons that were born premature, a NICU mom veteran (twice). I lost my Mom and best friend in Feb '08. I am a rape survivor. In the Carry On group on FB.  I'm here if you just want a listening ear."


Name: Alyssa

Tumblr: lyssalilac

Twitter: @aaurilio23


"I've only been a part of this fandom for a year now, but I'll say it feels like home. And I intend to defend my home. If you need someone to talk to, I'm all ears."


Name: Melissa

Tumblr: mojean13

"I'm a 30 year old mom to a 11 year old son.  Going to college for Criminal Justice.  I'm a mother hen type.  The SPN is like a big family, and I want to help anyway I can."


Name: Rebecca


Twitter: @BeccaKitty0217


"There isn't much to tell. Friends call me Becca. I used to deal with depression, even cutting when I was much younger. I understand that sometimes it feels helpless, lost, that's why I'm here. Please talk, don't suffer quietly. I love to talk about Supernatural!"


Name: Kimmy

Twitter: @peanutwrangler


"mid-40s, live in Sydney, single mother of two grownup sons, teacher, proud SPN fangirl. Happy to connect with anyone needing an ear or a shoulder... I have two of each :) "


Name: Melissa


Twitter: @DeanWInMyHeart


"Hi! I'm Melissa, I'm 20. I'm here because I'm fighting a personal war for a few months, but with all my might I try to hold on and keep going. I'm also here to help, whatever is your problem, or if you just want to have a chat, I'm here to listen to you. Contact me where and when you want. :) "


Name: Wakana


Twitter: @WakanaSakamoto

"Hi, I'm Wakana, May can be that my English is not perfect, but I'll do my best to help and support you. If you wanna talk about something, here I am, I'll be happy to help you."


Name: April

Tumblr: acrollermom

Twitter: @acrollermom


"My husband Jeremy and I were married June 4th 2005. When Supernatural aired September 13 2005 we became instant fans. We fell in love with the characters and the brotherly love. We had 3 little boys together Christian, Castiel, Chance before Jeremy died by suicide August 4 2013."


Name: Eileen Prince

Tumblr: princeei6321

Twitter: @princeei6321


"I'm disabled with chronic pain and pretty much homebound. I love Supernatural and the fandom. I have found a community here where I belong even though I can't be there in person. I've had depression for over 20 years and deal with it every day. I will listen and I will try to help."


Name: Alison


Twitter: @Castieldreamer



Name: Lee


Twitter: @maashellee


"I am on the edge between night and day. I would love to be carried away by a man in a blue box so I never stop looking at the stars. A sibling. I am a dreamer, a lover and a friend."


Name: Emma Mac

Tumblr: Macbringsitback


"I'm a big supernatural fan. I love this fandom and I hate what is happening right now. I have several friends who suffer from depression/stress/anxiet and I hate to think of anyone going through that.  I just really want to help however I can. I'm here to listen and talk about anything you want."


Name: Kat

Twitter: @chaoslilkat


"Here to help."


Name: Dmitri

Twitter: @subtextiel

"Hi, I'm Dmitri, and I'm always here to listen! If you need someone to talk to who will understand depression, anxiety, trans issues (esp ftm & agender), asexual or aromantic orientations, queer issues, poly issues, etc., I can definitely relate!"


Name: Denise


Twitter: @frankdeveraux or @denisevanwijk


"Hi, I'm Denise, eighteen years old, from the Neterlands and here to talk if you need to. I'm not a library, I don't have answers to everything. I do however have advice to offer, own experience and am always here to listen. Stay Strong."


Name: Vannessa

Twitter: @vannessa_wynn

"Hey! I love to talk. Usually 140 characters is not enough, but I somehow make it work. :-) I'm also a good listener/reader. You can talk me on instagram with the same username. I post personal pictures as well as Supernatural pictures."


Name: Nicole

Twitter: @NicoleRDenson

"My name is Nicole. I'm a nerd, as most of us likely are. I started going to conventions 3 years ago and have now become addicted to them and I tend to cosplay gender-bent (girl versions) characters. I like to help people when I can, so if ever you need someone to talk to, drop me a line."


Name: Desiree


Twitter: @EffYeahUnicon


"I just want to help people. If you ever need anyone I'm more than happy to listen. Tweet me, message me on Tumblr, send me an Email, whatever, just reach out."


Name: Lori

Twitter: @Lazzue1


"Mom of 3, married, and loves spn. Looking for connecting with others dealing with very tough life issues. Been there. Done that."


Name: Alana


"I've gone through a lot of difficult situations, and will help anyone if they need it. If you need to vent, you can talk to me and I'll help you out to the best of my ability. Stay strong, guys, and remember, Always Keep Fighting!"


Name: Kelly :)



"Hi, I am Kelly! I am new to the whole idea of fandoms. I am happy to have fallen in love with the supernatural fandom! If you want to talk I am your girl!!!"


Name: Fida

Twitter: @FidaChehab


"Hi, my name is Fida, I haven't started watching the show long, but it has already helped me in more ways than I could've ever imagined. I would love to meet other members of the SPN family. I'm always willing to listen or just be a friend. :) "


Name: Bela

Twitter: _isa_beli_


"Hey I'm Bela! X3 I've always loved watching supernatural, the first episode I ever watched was "something wicked" when I was 6 and my gramma described it as "that cute show." Lol! I love listening and giving advise, or just listening, or just talking about the amazingness behind spn! XD"

Name: Maile


Twitter: @Bohemia_empress

 "I'm Maile, 24. I'm an expert at battling negativity. I am here to give support as well as recieve it. A Supernatural fan for the past four years. I believe in us."

Name: Grace

Twitter: @YesteryearsGirl


"Hey! I'm Grace. Let's see... About me... :) I'm a Christian, I love animals and music, and I fell in love with Supernatural the first time I saw it. If you'd like to talk about fandom (just please not slash; I prefer bromance) or real life, I'm here."

Name: Lydia

Tumblr: mecanichick

Twitter: mecanichick


"I'm a female mechanic and there aren't really that many people I can talk with about geeky stuff like SuperWhoLock, but I find solace in Tumblr, getting excited with other fans and discussing possible plot twists."  

Name: Lindsey

Twitter: @offbeat_lindsey


"I'm in my late 20s and from the Midwest. Obviously I'm a huge Supernatural fan and am an all around nerd (loud and proud!). I'm always looking for new people to connect with and am willing amd happy to lend an ear to anyone who needs it :) "

Name: Elena

Tumblr: elly-moony

Twitter: @elly_moony


"Hi. I'm Elena just call me Elly. I just want you to know, that you all are loved and if you don't feel it, write me. I know how it feels and I know how it feel to not feel at all. But even if it feels like the end. It's not. I will always be here for you. Cause we're family and we help each other."

Name: Victoria


"I'm 46 years old but I've children who know I'm not. It's hard this being the thing that most excites me but I guess we all have our ...moments. Supernaturnatural is mine"

Name: Hannah

Tumblr: hannahthewildnerd02

Twitter: a_bit_weird


"Happy to talk about anything to anyone (except creepy stalker people). Like the rest of you guys, I am a Supernatural fanatic and also a Doctor Who and Sherlock one as well."

Name: Albert



"Born and raised in Romania. I usually blog on all platforms but most of the time just in"




"im tosha im almost 21 ive been watching supernatural since 2006. I'm Wiccan. I live in northern idaho. I have depression, ptsd, trichotilamaina, and anxiety. I help when i canask if you wanna know more about me If you need to talk email me or follow me on Twitter ill follow back im a great listener"

Name: Amber

Tumblr: somebodycalleda

Twitter: @AmberAmby2


"I've experience with people who have "issues", some of them are even my best friends so I kinda know how to help them get through their hard times and not to give up. So if there is anything, you can always talk to me. I've been through it multiple times."

Name: Amanda

Twitter: Veari


"I founs out about this as I was scrolling through facebook and it made my day. Now I want to make someone else's day but helping and lending an ear^^"

Name: Michaela Porter


"I know how it feels to believe that you're alone in this world. I'll be there to make sure that you never have to feel alone again."

Name: Macy

Tumblr:  macy2696

Twitter:  @macytucker96

"Hi guys!  My name is Macy and I am a huge fan of Supernatural! Supernatural has inspired me so much to always fight for the good and that family isn't always your actual family. You guys are all my family, even though I don't know you yet, I still care for you."

Name: Marianne


"Very big fan of favorite TV show.  I watch all the older episodes everyday or I don't feel normal.  If any of you understand where I'm coming from..."

Name: nayeli


Twitter: @Nell_WINCHESTER


"I love talking to new people feel free to contact me anytime! Other things i am a fan of is jacksepticeye, good mythical morning and imagine dragons. I have depression and im going through a really tough time right now,AFK"

Name: Dani

Tumblr: EvilRegal17


"I am a huge Supernatural fan. I collect Funko Pop Vinyl figures and currently have 95 and 15 of those are Supernatual. I suffer from bipolar depression. I'm a self harmer but have been clean for 7 months. I am a good listener and would like to help others in my fandom."

Name: Rebecca Jewell


"I'm 15 and am currently helping friends of mine come out of deppression so i can help im also a very positive person even on my bad days."

Name: Alessia



"My name is Alessia aka Ale, I'm 14 years old
I'm a Dean!girl, but I also love Sammy and Cas because who doesn't?
I'm just lookin' for some crazy fangirls as I am and I like to support people whenever they feel down and need a hand to get up :) I
I hope you'll add me to the group :) ly
Thanks xxx"

Name: kyleigh


"I am needing help atm. That's why I am on rn. But I try to be kind to others and I love Jensen Jared and Misha"

Name: Marie


"Hey there! I'm rather new in the SPN Family and heard about the "Always Keep Fighting" etc and really... I think this fandom, the actors and YOU are fantastics persons. I struggle with anxiety, depression... and if you need someone, I'll be there. (English is not my motherlanguage, I'll do my best)"

Name: Nike

Tumblr: psyco-nemesys


"I'm a huge supernatural fan, I have been dealing with depression, self-harm and suicidal tought. So if you want to have someone to care and listen to you or if you just want to talk about supernatural, I'm here :)"

Name: Destiny

Tumblr: rheawinchester

Twitter: @RheaTitaness

"If anyone needs to talk to a gal pal, I am here for you! Trust me I have experience with suicidal people, depression and anxiety. I am here for anyone! If I get to talk a little SPN, that's just a bonus."

Name: Margot


"My name is Margot and I am 22 years old. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and multiple learning differences at a young age. Supernatural has helped me throughout the years. I'm looking for fellow SPN fans to talk and fangirl with."

Name: Tahlia


"So happy to be part of this wonderfull and supportive family. Everyone has their good times and bad, I've certainly had my fair share of both. But i am more than willing to listen to anything you are going through, good or bad. I love supernatural so much would love to talk about it with you :D AKF"