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Family don't end with blood



During Season Eight of Supernatural, Carry On asked fans to tell us what the show truly meant to them. 

These are their stories.


  I got back into watching Supernatural during 2009 and I grew up in the paranormal, always thought maybe I had an angel on my shoulder too, but things got really difficult lately with work and money and when I thought it couldn't get worse, it did.

I was hospitalized because of a blocked organ, I was in so much pain that I could barely move and I was scared to death, researching what it was, I found that if it wasn't fixed, the organ bursts and eventually the toxins from it kills you.
I had tickets to go meet the cast at Chicon and I knew I had to be there. As much pain as I was in, I kept Dean, Sam, and Cas in my mind, knowing I couldn't give up.

I had the surgery and woke up oddly just as a morning episode of Supernatural was starting, the first words out of my mouth were "I'm a Winchester damn it, I'll pull through"

I spent my time at home recovering by rewatching seasons of SPN and thinking about Chicon.

When I got there and was finally in line for autographs, I got to tell J2 and Misha about what happened and was able to thank them for helping me get through it. While I was at Chicon, surprisingly enough, after no phone calls about work, job agencies started calling me again, something about being there brought me good luck and things started looking up again.

At Chicon, I was also lucky enough to meet those that I've been talking to on Twitter for a long time! We truly are a family, long lost siblings.

28 years old

North Dakokta


I found supernatural through tumblr, but through its profound effect on my life it has become part of everything I do. I've gained friendships and strengthened ones I had before. I'd probably be extremely depressed with out the connections I've made through the show. I can't imagine my life with out it. Everyday I am reminded and amazed by the compassion of those in this fandom, they are wonderful people and some have helped me through very difficult times in my family life by reminding me that "family don’t end in blood" and that's something I will never forget.

17 years old




"Family don't end with blood."

Through Supernatural I've met many new friends. Friends who have the same interests as me. Friends who accept me the way I am. I meet most of them regularly now and call them my best friends. They have saved me. There hasn't gone by a day where I don't think about them. I'm grateful that I've had the chance to meet them through this series' fandom.

Whenever I'm sad or angry or whenever I don't feel like the day can get any worse, I lock myself in my room and watch Supernatural. This never fails to cheer me up. Including my friends of course!!!

Thank you for an amazing show and all the awesomeness that comes with it!

19 years old

Weert, The Netherlands



I've been watching Supernatural since the beginning. Back in 2006-2007 I was battling severe depression and self injury problems. I couldn't get out of bed because my depression was so bad, I just didn't care about myself. I was cutting myself nearly everyday. The only thing that I would look forward too was Supernatural. I felt like Sam and Dean in the sense that I was fighting monsters/demons, except for the fact that they were my own monsters/demons. I knew that if they could beat them that I could too. It gave me hope. I eventually got help for my problems and through medication and therapy I have come a long way. I'm doing much better now, although I still struggle with depression sometimes. I've been self injury free for over a year now. My motto in life is "fight the good fight". Supernatural will always have a special place in my heart, so thank you.

29 years old

Humble, TX


  Supernatural means to me; making new, awesome friends which mean the world to me. They are sweet, kind and accept you in your own crazy way. They are the best.


22 years old

The Netherlands


  I started watching this show not long after something pretty terrible had happened in my family. To be honest, I didn't know how to cope with it. For various reasons, I couldn't really talk about it to anyone, so I wasn't dealing with it at all. This show helped me so much. It made me realize that family is not dependent on who you're related to. Some people don't deserve to be called family, whereas others, who technically aren't family, do deserve to be called family. It's a simple message, but a strong one, and it did more for me than I can put into words. At the time, there was nobody else around to teach me this message, and I will be forever grateful that this show did.
I truly believe that Supernatural saved me from depression and I can't thank you enough for it.

No matter what, this show will always hold that meaning to me and I will love this show and everyone who worked on it for it.


20 years old

Oirsbeek, The Netherlands



I just recently "found" Supernatural, I can't believe it took me this long to realize this show existed, but I'm caught up on all the seasons now. :-)

When I first started watching it, I was struck by Dean's confidence and his ability to not let little things phase him. Ever since then, I literally think "What would Dean do?" when I face a tough situation at work or at home. I also notice he's the strong silent type, and it reminded me that I don't always have to talk. Sometimes it's better to be silent and observe. Also, as I've become more of a fan, I see some of those same traits in Jensen as well as Jared, and it seems as though they are genuinely NICE people. There's something about the connection between them and their characters that makes Supernatural come alive for me.

Overall, I have a better sense of self now, I believe in my gut feelings, and also am trying to get into better shape as I'm going to VegasCon in March. And meet Jensen of course. :-)

So to me, Supernatural means: family first, have faith in yourself and in what you believe, and be strong in the face of adversity.

34 years old




Well, where do I start? Maybe it's appropriate to say that Supernatural has become far more to me than merely a show about two hot brothers fighting things and saving people. It's become about loyalty and staying who you are regardless of who tries to change that - Lucifer to Leviathan - Sam and Dean stay who they are and they remain fundamentally loyal to each other and to humanity in general.

But it's also more personal than just the story. Since falling in love with the brothers and all the other characters and the show in general, I've had such a journey of making new friends of fans and even connected with some of the celebrities and behind the scenes people connected with the show. And there is such an incredible feeling of ... well, I would say love, but it's really more than that. It's not something I can really name. I just know I'm connected with it and the reason is that one day in the middle of the last decade, I decided to watch a show about brothers who hunt things. And I now have so much more than I ever thought possible. And that's really nice. Thanks SPN. Thanks everyone who is responsible for the show. Thanks to the fandom. Love. Xx


41 years old

 South Africa



Supernatural is an amazing show with complex characters and an awesome storyline that keeps us coming back. But it’s so much more than that to so many of us. I've never even had the desire to have a family from a TV show until I discovered SPN and our fandom family. We have our fights and cry together like any other family and I know if my day has gone bad or just if I need a pick me up all I have to do is watch an episode or flip on YouTube to some convention footage and it'll all melt away. And if I need to talk there are thousands willing to listen and lend a hand. All thanks to one show and the incredible cast and crew who welcome all of us with open minds, arms, and hearts. And that is what SPN means to me.


25 years old




1st time I hear about this show I don't think this the best show I ever watch,,,
but now I can't do anything without think about them,,,
it's not about brothers who kill each other coz something like girlfriend or any personal issue,,,
I watch a lots series or movie about hunter who hunt thing,,,
but I usually leave when they start to have serious fight about life together etc,,,
this show teach me a lots about family,,
coz brothers not suppose to kill each other,,,
right Gabe??
it's make me think about family more deeper,,,
bobby said family don't end with blood,,,
but sometime I think you can't be family just coz you share the same blood,,,
sometime I feel little lonely with my family
no one understand me or at least that what I think

But to be Sam and Dean... wake up every morning and save the world... have a brother who would die for you...
...well, who wouldn't want that?

well I want that,,, just if,,,


22 years old




I first started watching Supernatural late last year while I was still living with one of my older brothers. I wasn't happy at all, then because of some friends and posts on Tumblr, I began watching the show online and fell in love instantly. Within a few episodes, Supernatural became more than a show for me. I finished watching all the six previous seasons and caught up with season seven in 2-3 weeks. For me, it was a way to escape from the drama of what was happening. The relationships between all of the characters made me laugh, cry, at sometimes scared, but most of all I felt the love through the screen. Not just the love between Sam and Dean, but the love and appreciation between all of the cast and crew. I could feel all of the effort put into making an amazing series and that made everything better. I've made amazing friends around the world who share the same interests and zany characteristics. Long story short, Supernatural has changed my life in ways that words cannot express. Being a part of the SPN Fandom/Family is one of the best things to ever happen to me and I will always be grateful for the joy that the show has brought to my life.


20 years old




My older sister Marcia started watching the show when it first began, many times she watched at my house while I was working on a project but I had not really watched an episode until the start of season 7. I was immediately hooked!

Marcia has anxiety severe issues and hardly ever leaves her home, really only visiting my mom or me. After I started watching the show with her, I got really into it and found out there was a convention in Nashville (February 2012) and talked her into going. She is a huge Misha fan and only agreed to go so she could see him in person. At the con, Misha actually sat and chatted with us and it made my sister so very happy. We will be attending the con in Chicago (October 2012) and it will be another magical weekend I am sure.

I am very thankful to the actors for giving up their weekends to attend the cons, and for being so spectacular with their fans. Because of them, my sister is taking a trip she never would have taken otherwise because it would take her out of her comfort zone. And that is why I love the Supernatural family.

PS. Marcia is a Cas and Dean fan, while I am totally a Sammy's girl!!


46 years old




A lot had changed through out the years. I started watching the first season while I was living at home. The last couple years have been really hard with being out of a place, family relations going to hell, and giving my son up for adoption it left me in a pretty deep depression. But something that always cheers me up is supernatural. All the characters are just so amazing and make the fan girl in me so happy! Keep producing and I will always watch. I'll watch even when it stops. Thank you for bringing a simple pleasure to look forward to!


21 years old




I am disabled and spend most of my time in pain. I discovered Supernatural on TNT in the mornings. Having always been a fan of the occult and supernatural shows, I immediately fell in love with the boys and the style of the show! For 2 hours of everyday I forget about everything else and let the boys take me away. Saving people, hunting things, the family business! I know every episode by heart and look forward to every new one. Thank you Eric Kripke, Kim Manners, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and the rest of the Supernatural Crew. You rock!!


46 years old

Marathon, FL



Since the very first time I put my eyes on the show, I got completely hooked up! I was amazed by the quality of production and the talent of the actors, but most of all, I was amazed by the concept of family the show brings to the audience. It's beautiful to see the love and devotion those boys have for their family and how they are willing to do anything to protect each other. It taught me to see my family in a whole different way. Also, the characters were written in a very credible way, they are humans and they fail like humans and they have their good features as well. I've never seen myself so much on a fictional character as I see myself on Sam. It's almost like he was written after me!

Supernatural made me meet friends, special friends, from all around the world that I'll keep forever. It made me see life, death and destiny in a new way and helped me making important choices for my future career. I don't know if it's healthy or advisable to be so involved with a TV show, fictional characters and actors who don't even know you exist, but what they have brought to me is special and I'll carry it with me forever.


22 years old




When Supernatural started eight years ago, I never thought it would be as important to me as it's turned out to be. I was completely uninterested in it when I first saw promos. I thought it would be some lame show on the WB. When my older sister saw the pilot and convinced my dad and I to watch it, I was hooked. It became our thing. The three of us would bond over it. We lost our dad a little under a year after the Winchesters lost theirs. It was hard, but we still had the show to keep us together. Rissa and I started to see Sam and Dean in ourselves. It's been a comfort to have them over the years. To hurt when they hurt. To laugh when they laugh. Last January, we got the anti-possession tattoos that the boys share. There couldn't be a more perfect tattoo for us to share. Supernatural is something I want to someday share with my kids like other generations have done with Star Trek. I want them to feel what I feel about it. It may sound silly to some that a TV show has helped shape my life, but it really has. It's taught me that family don't end in blood. It's taught me that there is never a place so low that you can't crawl your way out of. It's taught me that you have to keep fighting, no matter how bad it seems. And most important, it's taught me that family is so damn important because sometimes it's all you have left. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to everyone involved in Supernatural for all you have done. I'm so thankful for it. I'm so thankful for you.


21 years old



The day I started watching SPN , I have made such deep connection withit ! I, like many others lead a very monotonous life.. But SPN gave meso much! Gave me the confidence to fight against bullies, Theadrenaline rush , thought me so much about family ,that family does'ntend with blood and moreover I have such a great SPN Family -caring foreach other , Never seen a family member being rude! SUPERNATURAL - youmade it all possible ! Life is very much livable ! ThankyouSupernatural cast and crew for giving us such a wonderful series ! Youmean the world to me ! India loves you!! 




What supernatural means to me is that it has been there when the day is really rough and I really needed something to cheer me up. Supernatural has been there for me at those times when I was really down, I was so depressed, after sitting down and having watched some episodes I would feel happier because of the vibe the show gave, Supernatural has created a supporting and loving family, and I am grateful for the wonderful show that both the cast and crew have put together.


17 years old

Del Rio, TX



I started watching SPN around season 4. I had an ex-friend of mine stay at my place. She broke up with her fiancée and needed a place to stay. She used me for everything I had, was rude to me every chance she got and I found out she was backstabbing me. Long story short, SPN didn't start off well for me. She was the one that introduced it to me. At the time I was having a lot of family problems. My brother was leaving us to go to Italy to do "Missionary" work because he didn't feel Catholics were Christian enough (Although he'll deny that he ever said that to this day. We completely disagreed with what he was doing, but what were we going to do? It wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have 4 kids with him. At the time he only had my 1 year old nephew. I was so excited when my nephew was born, I posted pics up to show everyone, you woulda thought he was like my own son. Then shortly after he was born, about a year later we got the news he was going to Italy.

Anyway, I won't get into those details too much with what happened because it’s long and a lot of drama. Make a long story short, what Dean said to Sam, I think it was Season 5, When he told Sam the way he hurt him because he trusted a demon over him, I wanted to say that to my brother so badly (Minus the demon part of course! LOL). Dean took the words outa my mouth and said it to Sam. I actually started crying.

So I started watching in Season 4 when Misha came. Misha's Character, Castiel became my favorite. Don't know why, but he just did. I loved how he played Castiel, and I guess I liked the idea of angels being out there even if it is a fictional show. Even so, the plot was thrilling to me. I couldn't stop watching after I saw the episode where Dean went into Hell. Over that summer, since that was my first episode, I watched Seasons 1 and 2 when the girl was staying at my place. She ended up leaving (on a bad note because we got into a fight),
but I bought seasons 1 and 2 myself. This was while I was going through music school so I didn't have time for television. My friend kept telling me I should watch it and I said 'I have to practice I can't watch TV'. Haha, but I finally did, she sat down with me, and it was the best show ever!

Before all this I was actually a police officer for a little while. I quit and decided to go into music school, but during that time, I had a lot of confidence. After I graduated music school (as a saxophone major), I got a job for a while working at a bank until My music career kicked off. That was when my confidence was shot. I had a work bully (ever hear of those?) next to me. She would constantly give me assignments, she knew I wasn't aloud to do to set me up for failure. When people weren't listening, she was the one telling me I was 'bad at this' or worse, she would snip at me when I really did nothing wrong. She was horrible. She would always say 'why do you always have to mess things up?' things like that. One time I finally told her off and she nearly shot me down. I almost left right then and there.

That year was horrible. I quit my job at the bank, I quit another job I was trying out for because of BS there too. Then my brother who had come home to stay for a little while, left again for Italy after he had come back to raise funds for a while. So saying goodbye to them was almost worse then the first time. I also broke up with my boyfriend who was also giving me a hard time about things going on.

What really got things going for me again was Supernatural. First, Misha Collins did his GISHWHES that year, which couldn't have come at a better time! GISHWHES got me to laugh again. It also helped me see I could still have fun even with all the drama around. Supernatural did the same. Anytime I had a bad day I would pop in a DVD of Supernatural. It would help. I saw the episode where Sam was bullied in high school, reminded me of what I was going through, and that also helped me stick up for myself again and get the 'police officer' attitude I used to have where I didn't take stuff from anyone. That’s when I had quit.

Because of everything happening with my brother, there was a church I was involved in. We ended up leaving. That church, told me things that I found out weren't true, about my brother, my family, everything. They also told me I had 'Satan in me" which made me leave anyway. They told me this because I was against what my brother was doing in Italy.

So GISHWHES started the year off for me, then I went to my first convention. I was actually really really sick at the convention. I had a parasite, which doctors thought was because of all the stress that year. When I went to the convention things changed for me. First, I found a new family I never knew I had. I was going with a friend of mine, and he made it fun, but also we met other fans there who were amazing. They were like a family I needed. Someone who didn't know what was going on in my life, but accepted me for who I was without even questioning it! First, it was kinda nice not being known as 'Justin's sister, or 'the saxophone player' LOL. I didn't mention I was a professional sax player because I didn't want to be asked onstage. That weekend for once I wanted to go there without people knowing who i was (also I was sick so I couldn't play). Although now if Richard asks me to play I will jump at it, but that weekend I needed the time to enjoy everything as if I was starting over. Since the convention, I got better. I also went to another NJ convention this past year as well and was actually not to shy to talk to the actors this time. My life got better, and stress level went down. I even got a puppy who I named "Cas" this past year and she has been awesome.

To make a LONG LONG story shorter. Supernatural had a HUGE impact on my life. It helped me keeping from depression, because of how people treated me, and it helped me gain my confidence back. It helped me be happy again. :) Thank you so much, Supernatural cast and crew for everything. I really do appreciate everything you do, and all the events you have. GISHWHES has been my favorite since MIsha started it and it had a hugh impact on my life. I also plan on trying to help Random Acts more often. I wanted to be a police officer to help people, and that’s what Random Acts does, so I would like to continue anyway that I can. Thanks so much for everything!


 35 years old

Fort Myers, FL



Supernatural has positively affected my life in so many ways! The talented cast has inspired me to be a better actress (which has always been my dream), they've inspired me to be more charitable, the show has given me things to look forward to, and taken my mind off my troubles during some darker times in my life. The characters have given me so much to draw upon when I create characters for the haunted house I work at. Even the amazing makeup effects have inspired me to take my own makeup artistry to the next level. But the biggest thing that Supernatural has done for me, is that it’s helped me meet some amazing people and make friends! I've never been a popular person. As a kid, I was always "that weird girl" that no one wanted to hang out with. But, the fandom that Supernatural has always makes me proud of who I am. It makes me feel like there are other people out there just like me, so I shouldn't be afraid to "let my freak flag fly" so to speak. Plus, whenever I meet new people, it’s awkward for me. But, if they mention the show, and we find out we both watch it, it’s always an instant connection and something we can bond over. In fact, just this past month, I attended my first convention in Chicago and I met so many wonderful people! Being around that many other people who all had the same passion made me feel like a part of something and that's something that I rarely feel in my day to day life. I'll never forget that experience and I'll never be able to fully thank the cast and crew and everyone involved in that amazing show that made it all possible. The least I can do is say, from the bottom of my heart, "Thank You!"


20 years old

Green Bay, WI



Let me start off by saying that I began watching Supernatural at a very pivotal point in my life, about a year ago. A friend of mine had been a fan of the show for a long time and was constantly convincing me that I NEEDED to give it a shot? To the point I was afraid she was going to tie me down and pry my eyes open with a clamp while she forced me to watch every episode straight through. For a long time, I put it off. There was no real reason aside from that I didn’t know what it was about. Until it was available to me as a distraction from reality. ? A little over a year ago, I tore myself away from a very rough living situation that I had been in my entire life. I had finally had come to a point where I needed to get out. Whether it is by killing myself, moving away, or whatever it took. Since the former had failed me twice, I finally begged another member of my family to take me in. But it turned out that the situation was no better. While it looked glorious from the outside, it was just as terrible for me in different ways. So I hid myself away because I was hopeless and felt useless. And with nothing else to do, I finally took my friend’s advice and turned on an episode of Supernatural to distract myself from how much I was hurting. From there on out, I was hooked.

The show has impacted my life in a variety of ways. When I first began watching, it was only for escapism. Escapism has always been my coping mechanism. I started watching after several seasons had already aired, so it was the perfect opportunity to just hide in my room behind a TV screen pretending I was somewhere else. That I was someone else. For so many years of my life, that was the only thing I knew how to do. It had been drilled in my head that I could never be myself. That I was flawed to the point I tortured others just with my existence. That I was faulty. That I couldn’t be wanted and couldn’t fit in. So I’d pick a show and I would pretend I was there. It’s as though everyone is so perfect on TV, you know? Everyone always fits in. But the first thing I noticed about Sam and Dean was that they didn’t. And as the show went on, so many of the other characters were not picture perfect members of society. And so many were self-reliant or only had one other person whom they trusted. And even then, it seemed as though they were always viewed as different. It never fails to intrigue me how beautifully flawed the characters on Supernatural are. I always had some sort of spark that I didn’t have to be perfect, but this set me on fire. To watch Sam and Dean do a job that consumed their entire lives and made it impossible to be normal? Gave me a drive to be myself no matter what the people around me thought of me. And I have been surrounded by a lot of terrible people who have thought lowly of me just because I don’t meet their expectations.

But not only did the show give me drive, it also gave me a role model. The moment Katie Cassidy showed up in Season 3, I was completely taken by her. I know that Ruby isn’t exactly the best person to look up to, but seeing her on Supernatural led me to watching others shows she had been in. The characters she has played are always such strong female characters with such distinct personalities. And judging from her Twitter, she is the same in person. But seeing her on Supernatural led me to Melrose Place 2.0, where she plays Ella Simms who is everything that I had ever wanted to be. Finally having a strong female role model has given me courage and guidance. I grew up being hated by all the mother figures in my life and I watched them lead lives that I never wanted to have. So to see someone going in the direction that I always wanted to go in and to be able to use that person for guidance completely turned my life around. I have had people (not that ones who have brought me down, but people who now support me) walk up to me and tell me that I am a completely different person and that they cannot believe the amount of confidence I have gained. If it wasn’t for Supernatural leading me to Katie Cassidy, I know that everything would be different. I would still despise myself and be going nowhere in life. But her character Ella has showed me how to be myself and how to go after what I want no matter who tells me that I will never amount to anything. Because of her role in SPN leading me to knowing who she was as an actress and her other roles, I’ve gone from a hopeless person to slowly becoming someone who thinks she can get somewhere in life and who wants to make an impact. Seeing that not everyone has to be perfect (Sam and Dean) to having a role model (Katie Cassidy/Ella) has given me hope and I haven’t wanted to end my life in over a year. That is the longest I have gone with a sense of hope for the past 9 years. And I am only becoming stronger.

Last but not least, Supernatural has given me a sense of family that I never had before. Not long ago, I was beginning to lose hope again. A friend of mine recommended I talk to a very funny guy named Ivan Hayden. I had NO idea who Ivan was, other than some random guy on Twitter. So I tweeted him. And he responded and began to cheer me up. Since then, he has gone out of his way to help me out with struggles that I have had through Twitter. Never in my life have I had another person reach out to me. It wasn’t until even a few months after I started talking to him that I realized he had done work on the show. But he has encouraged me in ways that no other person has even bothered to try. And even as busy as he is, he has taken the time to talk to me when in my daily life, even the people doing nothing have never taken a moment for me. For once, it feels as though someone cares enough about me to give me advice and make sure that I am okay. It’s something that I have never had before. It seems as though people don’t realize how much just noticing someone can turn their life around. Until Ivan, I was convinced that I was nothing more than a burden to others. His willingness to talk to me proved otherwise. ? And back in August, I attended NJ Con, and it was as though I was /surrounded/ by people who care. It nearly knocked me off my feet to be able to walk into a building and suddenly just feel like I belong somewhere. To be able to walk away from that convention with friends who will hopefully be lifelong was like something out of a fairytale. My entire life after watching Supernatural has been like something out of a fairytale. A year ago, I was contemplating taking my life. But because of the path Supernatural led me to, I have a sense of hope that I have no doubt I’d never have if I hadn’t watched the show. I cannot express how grateful I am that such a show exists that impacts myself and others like Supernatural does.



 21 years old

New Jersey



Supernatural means Family to me and Love and Sacrifice. The first episode I watched was ''Faith'' from season 1 and since then Supernatural makes me keep believing in family and sacrifice. When I started watching Supernatural my family had big problems. My brother and his wife didn't understand each other at all. They were always fighting and this was making my all family very sad, especially their son (my nephew). I was enjoying the deep love between Dean, Sam and their parents John and Mary, and was thinking - the Winchesters value family so much, why can't my brother and his wife value it the same way. I know my nephew loves his parents like Dean and Sam love Mary and John and he was hurting so much seeing them fighting this way. I admire that John and Mary loved each other like my parents love each other. I wished my brother and his wife loved each other this big way. I love my brother like Dean and Sam love each other. I wish for him to be truly happy. But like for Dean and Sam life isn't an apple pie, my brother and his wife divorced after years of fighting. For me and my parents family is everything as for Dean and Sam and I am suffering that my beloved nephew couldn't have it. The ex wife of my brother doesn't value family. Dean and Sam showed me the importance of family in that hard for my family time and that you should do absolutely everything to protect it and to fight for it. Their bright example teaches me never to let go and always fight for and protect the people I love. Like Bobby Singer says family doesn't always bring you joy but is worth fighting for and dying for. I love Supernatural like I love my family because Supernatural shows me how to value it more and never to give up.


34 years old

Ruse, Bulgaria




I stumbled on Supernatural rather by accident two years ago. I was on a "staycation," and got up to see what was on TV. TNT was running Supernatural in the morning, and the episode was "Scarecrow." I had no idea who anyone in the show was, what it was about, or what was going on, but I wanted to see more. Luckily, "Faith" ran after it, and I knew I had to go back and find the beginning of this show called "Supernatural."

I was hooked, and I watched all the seasons in rather quick succession.

Its dramatic episodes and story arcs rival anything else on TV in scripted dramas. Episodes like "In My Time of Dying," "On the Head of a Pin," "All Hell Breaks Loose I and II," "Swan Song," "The Man Who Knew Too Much," "Faith," "Death's Door," "Hello Cruel World," and "The End," are all fine examples to me how this show can do gripping dramatic storytelling that reaches deep inside and tugs on the heartstrings. These episodes capture the human spirit and condition, give us powerful characters, and make us FEEL deeply for them. They linger long after viewing, they don't let us go, and they force us to not only examine the story itself but ourselves. THAT is great writing at its finest.

Supernatural can also poke fun at itself, its genre, its medium, and the human condition itself. Let's be honest, sometimes we humans are just damn funny, intentionally or otherwise. Episodes like "Ghostfacers," "Tall Tales," "Hollywood Babylon," "Bad Day at Black Rock," "Monster Movie," "Wishful Thinking," "The Real Ghostbusters," "Clap Your Hands If You Believe," "The French Mistake," and the latest "Plucky's Pennywhistle Magical Menagerie," all provide us with astounding imagination, bizarre scenarios that provide excellent comedy, and give us a chance to breathe. They're tongue in cheek, full of unique treats, and show us that it's okay to have a good time. A good portion of these are self reflexive and meta ficitonal, and that's always a risky move, but Supernatural typically manages to pull it off and pull it off well. After all, where else will you see a talking suicidal Teddy Bear, a Leprechaun posing as aliens, a slow dancing alien, and an evil rabbits foot? Each of these things are full of dark humor and pure imagination. They're fresh, different, and brilliant in their own ways. Supernatural has never shied away from the strange, and considering its genre and storylines, it's perhaps the best thing the show does. It NEVER takes itself too seriously.

Sometimes, they mix the two together in a brilliant cocktail that leaves us equal parts crying and laughing. "Mystery Spot," and "A Very Supernatural Christmas," probably are two prime examples of this aspect. Dean is killed hundreds of times in a single episode in "Mystery Spot," and while that synopsis should bring us tears, it brings us great laughter. All fans can point to their favorite Dean death (Mine's the one with the boys wrestling over the axe. Dean ordering, "Sam, give me the axe," and Sam's petulant little brother voice saying, "NO, you give it" followed by the splatter of blood and his soft and shocked, "Dean?" gets me EVERYTIME) And yet, as funny as this gem of a Carver episode is, it tugs at my heart when Dean dies on Wednesday and Sam is left to go on without him for six months, hunting endlessly and alone. The hug when Sam manages to get the Trickster (prior to the revelation that he is indeed Gabriel) to reverse it is beautiful and emotional. It reaffirms the strongest current this show has and has held onto throughout even the rockiest times for the Winchesters: they love each other very much and it is what will always keep them together. "A Very Supernatural Christmas," follows much of the same formula. We see the Winchesters argue over celebrating Dean's last Christmas juxtaposed with flashbacks to their childhood. It's sad to see Sam lose his innocence, discovering that they were hunters. And yet, who can forget their offkey rendition of Silent Night? Or Dean setting Sam up to look like a creeper at Santa's workshop? ("It's been Sammy's dream." "We don't accept kids over 12." "No, we just came to watch!" "Ew!" "Thanks. Thanks a lot, Dean.") They're well rounded stories that have unforgettable moments and stories.

Most of all, and many other Supernatural fans can attest to this part of the show, this show changes us. It changed me. Two years ago, I was working in retail without any ambitions really for something more or better. I got up, went through the motions, came home and crashed in a nap, and did it again the next day. It was just existing, not living. I started watching this show, and something shifted deep down inside of me. I started to write again. I had dallied in fanfiction in other fandoms for years, but I was always TOO afraid to touch something original, fearing I didn't have the imagination, the ability, the drive to do it. I now have a bound draft of my first novel. It is inspired by and for Jared Padalecki, who stars as Sam Winchester in the show. I am now trying to get that novel published.  Almost overnight, as I got into this show, I felt things change. Everything fundamentally went from greys and boring to Technicolor and exciting. I started to think about what I could do, not what I thought I couldn't. This show gives me courage because IT has courage in cast, crew, writers, characters, and story. It tries and tries and tries and that's what I take from it. It is MY happy place, no matter what discussions are occurring in fandom about the state of the show or its writing or anything else. I am still working in retail, and while that's not ideal, the changes in the past two years have been great.

Another reason this show is such a happy place for me is because it's a beautiful escape from my own life, too. My father has a severe chronic condition. He's been handling it fairly well the last two or so years, but it's still very much a part of my daily life. He has something called familial pancreatitis, and it causes him to have excruciating pain everyday. He has to take a legion of pills to eat his meals, he was slated at one point not to make it to 50. We got him there. He's 51. Now we're working on 55. It's scary a lot of the time to think about it. And so, I retreat into this show and escape. I have a lot of darkness in my life, and it might seem to choose this show with its own darkness, but I always see hope, even when it doesn't seem like there's much to be had. So, I thank the show for providing me this emotional outlet.

Finally, the connections the fans and the cast/crew have is absolutely amazing. The loyalty between us and them is so tangible and unbreakbable. Anyone that doubts that has never attended a Supernatural Convention. I've gone to two, and having met both stars and many of the supporting cast, they are just as thrilled to see us as we are them. There is a friendliness, an openness, a togetherness that brings this show way beyond simple entertainment. We're often referred to as the Supernatural Family, and through the conventions and Twitter that only seems to grow stronger by the day. It's what makes Supernatural special to me---and it's how it continues to change my life everyday.


30 years old






I have been watching Supernatural since the pilot episode first aired.
It was at a very dark time in my life. My marriage of eleven years had
just ended and I was left trying to raise my then eight and five year old
sons pretty much by myself. I had a job that I hated but desperately
needed. I was living in a bad area of town because it was the only
place I could afford. All in all, life really sucked. Supernatural was
one of the only bright spots. Each new episode gave me something
to look forward to. I fell madly in love with Dean first and Sam soon
after. Just having that hour each week when I could forget
how crappy things were honestly helped get me through this time in
my life. Another amazing thing Supernatural gave me is my
best friend Tiff. We met when we started chatting on Get Glue
about Supernatural. It is such a huge part of my life and has been
for more than seven years. It is not just a show to me, it really is a


38 years old





I was a former college athlete who spent countless hours volunteering in my community. I worked in an industry that kept me busy another 50+ hours. I worked out like a demon. (Pun intended) Then after getting diagnosed with spinal stenosis, nagging back and leg pain turned into nine back surgeries, three of which were fusions. Add in a staph infection and subsequent nerve damage and I was basically ruined.

Was flipping channels one morning and stopped at TNT when I saw a glowing glyph-inscribed bullet slowly rotating through the air striking the upper chest of a man who then began to glow from the inside out.

I hit up Wikipedia and was hooked. The constant debate on the Spoiler TV website keeps me sane as I can only take so much "alone quiet time".

I have always been intrigued by satan vs. god, though I believe in neither. I also love the underdog, since I'd been told every step of the way that I couldn't do something.

The myth arc gives me hope. The hope that there is something inside each and every one of us that inherently makes us capable of greatness.

You just have to want it badly enough.


52 years old




My story is simple. I was channel surfing one morning and I happened across this TV show with this amazingly HOT car. She was beautiful (and I am a die hard Ford girl)! But then, I HEARD her. The rumbling sound of the engine was a lullaby. I watched a little more and he came on screen. Dean Winchester. My world tilted on its axis and I have not been the same since.

But it's not just how hot the boys are or what an amazing piece of machinery Baby is... It's the people. When I dug deeper into the show and its fans I found a community of people who care not just about the characters but care for one another. I met my best friend in the world through SPN and I would have never known her had it not been for the fandom.

I have learned some amazing things about myself as well. I suffer from severe depression and there are days that I can't get out of bed. Shortly after I discovered the show, I bought a replica of Dean's ring. I wear it everyday and when I have one of my "bad" days, I look at it and remind myself that it's not half as bad as it could be. That ring helps me to be brave and face my life head on and not hide from it. Because that's what Dean would do.

SPN also taught me that it's ok to be "messed up" because my bag of crazy doesn't begin to touch the dysfunction that the Winchester's have on their plates and they not only manage to keep going, they have saved the world on occasion.

So, SPN has definitely changed my life for the better in so many ways. I want to take the opportunity to thank the cast and crew. SPN might seem like just a TV show sometimes but to a lot of us, it means the world.

Sent with lots of appreciation and love...


 40 years old

 Cleveland, OH


I was dx with breast cancer the first time in 2006. I was having chemotherapy and absolutely exhausted. Laying on the couch one night and I saw this program come on the TV (this was when I was at home in England) and it was Supernatural. It was the first program I stayed awake for, I absolutely LOVED it.

I had my then boyfriend staying with me when I had my next round. When he watched it, he was into it too. Not only because it's so great, but because his name is Dean Winchester for real.

I think the character I love the most has to be Bobby. Jim Beaver had a hand in me recovering the second time I got cancer in 2010. He played Bobby so brilliantly and the writers made the character so very human, yet more than just a man. It was Bobby's 'If you fall down, you get back up and keep going' attitude that made me see that I could get the strength again to cap this bitch in it's head and be done with it. I won the battle. I've been cancer free now for just over a year, and decided to chase my dreams. I'm sitting exams for my History masters, in Chicago and loving it. Come 2013, I'll be a fully qualified historian.

Guys & ladies of the whole Supernatural team, thank you from my very soul for all you do. I LOVE the show and so do millions of others. But you did help save my life. Thank you.


36 years old

Chicago (but I’m English!)



To be honest, I only began watching about a year or so ago, because my boyfriend found one of the seasons super cheap on Blu-Ray at Wal-Mart. Figuring it sounded like an OK show, he began to stock up and started watching from the beginning. I missed most of the first season, as he tends to watch TV late at night and I had not yet shown any interest. One rare evening when he decided to watch at a relatively decent hour I tuned it. Hot guys, a classic rock soundtrack, a sweet '67 Impala and, best of all, a show about ghost stories. I was intrigued.

 As I became a more regular viewer, the superficial aspects of the show began to be pushed to the sidelines (though I still find Jensen Ackles to be one of the best looking men out there, just sayin'). Before long, I actually began to feel for the Winchester boys. I laughed when they did, cried when they shared their pain. It was as if Sam and Dean were real, and not just characters on a TV show, as silly as it may sound.

 So, what does Supernatural mean to me? Yes, initially it was great entertainment, eye candy, and a great soundtrack. Now it means so much more: it's action, adventure, a shudder or two, laughter, tears, sacrifice, and family. It's seeing how much two people can love each other so much, and would do anything for the other. In fact, Supernatural actually made me feel sort of closer to my own big brother (who, in a sense, is my Dean, as he would do anything for me).

 Supernatural also means family in another sense, in the fanbase known as the SPN family. Sure there are some stupid things we argue about (really, who cares if we spelll Castiel's nickname as Cass or Cas?) but it's also about rallying together when need be. From fans who are ill to those devestated by the results of hurricane Sandy, from cancer research to donating to help a special little boy in Texas with Down syndrome. As cheesy as this is no doubt going to sound, Supernatural is the sense of community that I have never felt from any other television show, or any other fanbase. Who knew that two hunters from Lawrence could bring so many people together, to encourage so many strangers to join together and help each other out, and to others in need.

 That is what Supernatural means to me. Thank you Eric Kripke, for creating such an amazing show that I regret not watching earllier. Thank you to the writers for making me laugh, cry, and shudder, in one episode alone. Thank you to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for bringing Dean and Sam to life, and to the amazing supporting cast, past and present, who support our boys along the way. And thank you to the other members of the crew who make Supernatural amazing!

28 years old

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada



About a year and a half ago, I slipped into a depression. I was very drawn into myself, never letting anyone in, always pushing everyone away. I started cutting myself, I starved myself and I was ready to end my life. I would stay up and night planning out how to kill myself...and then one day, I saw a random video of some Supernatural scenes. I thought I'd check it out cause it sounded like something I'd like, so I watched the pilot episode. From then on, I was head over heels in love with the show and Dean. All through the first four seasons, I was still cutting and having suicidal thoughts, but I had started to eat again. And then once I hit "Point of No Return" and I saw Dean not give up, I woke the heck up. I realized there are people out there who have it so much worse than me and if Dean can make it through after everything he's been through, I can make it through anything. Seeing everything Dean has been through and seeing him still hold on to life is the reason I kept fighting. That's what Supernatural means to me. It literally saved my life and it's still saving me. I have gotten so much better and it's all because of a Winchester. I couldn't be more grateful to the most amazing show in the world!

16 years old




Well, I'm an introvert; I've always known it just never tried to do anything about it. Well ever since I went to Torcon2012 and realized what and amazing fandom Supernatural is and how sweet the people, I have started to look for them on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Supernatural has helped me to realize that I'm a nerd and that it’s okay. Supernatural fans are really just one big family and have welcomed me in.


16 years old



  Supernatural means so much to me. Every week I have something to look forward to. Being in high school is difficult and knowing that I have my Supernatural family behind me helps me through it. Supernatural is more then a show, Jared, Jensen, and Misha are more then actors. I love them and I love the show. :)

15 years old




I had a really rough childhood with beatings, verbal abuse, and molestation. I never really learned how to connect to the outside world so I always turned to Television and books to get me through the tough times. It was the only way I could survive. So I started watching Supernatural when it first aired. I had just lost everyone I loved except for my sister. She started watching it with me. I was depressed, turning to drugs for comfort, and even tried to commit suicide a couple of times. Thankfully, I didn't succeed. She eventually got through to me by using the episodes in Supernatural. She told that even though things were bad and had always been bad that life was worth fighting for. The whole world wasn't terrible and that family, even if it isn't blood, will be with you standing by your side through the bad times and the good. I got help and cleaned myself up. We still watch Supernatural together every night. I now have two beautiful children who enjoy the show as well. So thank you so much for Supernatural.

33 years old

McMinnville, TN



I first got into Supernatural from hearing people talk about it on Tumblr. I watched one episode and that was it, I was totally hooked. A few months later, after successfully catching up on seven seasons, I finally felt like a 'true' fan.

But the truth was, I'd been a true fan for much longer than that. When I'd first started watching it, I'd seen some things on Tumblr about a fan of the show, Amy, who was really ill. That's how I got involved with Carry On. That first project for Amy really showed me what it is to be part of a family, even when you've never met a single member of it in person. I can go online, and talk about my problems whenever I want. I know my Supernatural family will help me through them.

Carry On has helped me overcome my eating disorder. Me and food are pretty good friends now, and I like what I see in the mirror every day.

This never would have happened if I hadn't started watching this fabulous show. The sense of community within its fans is incredible. It's something I can't quite put into words. I can watch the show, and see the troubles the Winchesters face up to every day of their lives, and somehow that helps me face mine, and it helps me to help others with theirs.

It might sound overly dramatic, or maybe a bit strange to say this, but Supernatural has made me a better person. I'm happier, I'm kinder, I'm more compassionate. And I don't care who thinks it’s weird that that's come from a TV show - because its true, Supernatural has changed my life.


17 years old

United Kingdom



I started watching Supernatural two years ago; I'm a little late compared to the other fans of the show, but a fan none the less. The show started airing from season 1 in India and I started watching it, soon enough I was hitched. Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester became family to me. The show used to start at 9pm IST and I used to run from class which used to leave at 8pm which was 9 stations away from where I stayed. It used to be a race everyday to reach home before 9.
Then something happened and I got really ill, So bad that I couldnt leave home for 6 months and unfortunately that was the time they stopped airing supernatural, the final episode they aired was season 4 where Dean goes to hell, I remember crying like a baby that day, NO SUPERNATURAL, NO OUTDOORS , I practically got depressed till my dad came down to America and brought me the CD of the show up untill season 7, I watched that everyday till I got well. Bobby Singer is like a DAD to me, Dean Winchester is a character I can really connect to, he reminds me of my brother who joined the Army at the same time. I barely get to meet him, but watching Dean helps me get through the day and Sam Winchester, Sam Winchester is a character exactly like me and the relationship between Sam and Dean is exactly how I and my brother are. I am thankful to Eric Kripke for this show, it’s now a very big part of my life and I love every character in the show. I was so attached to Bobby Singer, that when he died I bawled like a baby, I feel the need to say this, I don’t know what I will do if someday, god forbid Supernatural has a series finale, I beg to you never let that happen. But I will be a fan till the very end. Thank You so much for everything you have given us fans. And thank you Carry On for this initiative, I really hope this message reaches the creators and Jensen Ackles, thank you so much for playing Dean Winchester. I love you. Please give them my message.


18 years old

Mumbai, India



Well, I wanted to do this before, but I didn't feel to much confidence to write in English without any mistakes... but, here I am...
I first watched SPN on tv, thanks to a friend's friend, she said, "Look, isn't Jensen Ackles Yummy?" I really wanted to throw up, but, man, he WAS awesome,-God, Jared is too tall... And Misha's eyes are even human-, I didn't know the story, but I kept watching that episode...-I could say it was because of Misha's eyes, but it was because Jared's and Jensen's good looks- and then my life changed!
After too much google, wikipedia and blogs,I learned the story abut the Winchesters and I cried... Like, a lot.
With the story, that magical plot, I understanded that family comes first... no matter how fuckedup they're, you stay with them till they tell you to go away, and even in that circumstances, you keep watching them, far away and close at the same time, just ready to pick up the pieces...
Sisters, brothers, parents, uncles, cousins, grandparents... yes, they are fucking annoying... but at the end they are all you have left!
Thanks guys, and if we're a non-dna-sharing-family I'm the baby sister... I love that character...
And I love ya all!!!


20 years old




Supernatural as a show has amazing characters and plotlines that keep me tuning in week after week. It appeals to my "deep fangirl" tendencies and I love to analyze everything about it.

But besides the show, Supernatural has brought me another family. I have had so many experiences that I wouldn't have had if I hadn't been involved in this fandom. I have been in several fandoms over the years, but I have NEVER experienced anything as warm and welcoming as the SPN Family. Other fandoms may call themselves family, but we ARE. The feeling I get when I'm at conventions or talking to people online (twitter, FB groups, etc.) is like no other.

The cast and crew themselves have been so amazing like no other. It's not just their philanthropy, though I don't think I've ever seen a group as diversely dedicated to bettering the world as this. The reaction they have to those of us on the other side is amazing. They truly do love us and we can tell that this is not just them tolerating us.

I know I can always count on the SPN Family, no matter where I am, to support me and be there for me. I've had troubles big and small and I've always been able to count on my fellow fans for virtual hugs and support. I've made so many new friends thanks to SPN, I can't even count. Cons are family reunions. Many of my friends are even nearby and I've been able to see them during the year and fold them into my regular group of friends.

I know that no matter what our opinions of the actual show are, the SPN Family will always be together.


31 years old

New Jersey



What Supernatural means to me is the strength and will to keep going on, and family.

I have watched these characters face trials and tribulations of gigantic proportions. I have seen them cry, I have seen them sacrifice for the cause, and more. I have seen them try to quit, but instead they get the strength to keep fighting on. I have learned from these characters and their trials. I find myself trying to be like them, to keep fighting and to keep going on. That no matter what happens in your life, you keep your head up and you push forward. Come hell or high waters.

Family is a big key part of this show. As Bobby Singer said, "Family don't end in blood.", and that's very true. While I love my family and would do anything for my younger sister as Dean would for Sam, I find that people who aren't your blood relatives are just as much your family as anything. I would do anything for the people I love and treat as my family. I know that I can count on them. I know that I can do anything for them as they would for me. I would fight for them. I would help them in any way that I can. The same goes for my little sister. She's my rock, and when I need her, she's there. When she needs me, I'm there. We're truly like Sam and Dean. We would die for each other and we would do anything for each other no matter what came our way.

Supernatural means to me so much in the form of family, finding out who you truly are, and strength. This show has shown me who I can be and has shown me that I am stronger than the problems I face. It has shown me that I can do anything if I put my mind and willpower into it. Supernatural has saved my life. And I mean that.


21 years old

Upstate New York



Supernatural is the show I watch when I want a bad day to become good. I started watching the show in season 3 and just from one episode I knew I was going to love the show and had to go back to watch seasons 1 and 2. Ever senses then I buy every season when it comes out on DVD. I truly do not know what my life would be like without this show it gives me something to look forward to every week. Even the episodes about clowns that had scared to the point that I made my mom watch them with me I loved there has never been an episode that I didn't like. Thank you to all of the amazing cast and crew that make my favorite show as a fan I truly appreciate the hard work you do to make a show as wonderful as Supernatural is. Supernatural will never loose its fans even after the show is over there will be many of people that will drop out the DVDs and watch them. You guys do a great job and many people in the world are thankful that this show was made. Supernatural has some really strong female characters that i have looked too and it has provided some really good-looking guys for eye candy.

Thank you again for being the people that made this show happen it will never be forgotten and I will always be a huge fan of the show and the people who made it.


18 years old




I discovered Supernatural one midnight a long ago when the main network in my country decided to broadcast season 1. I fell in love instantly with it and with the characters. I devoured week after week the episodes on the net and got into fandom. I became a big fan of Supernatural.

I like other shows, even love them, but Supernatural is still my number one.

Then, the conventions came. I've been very fortunate to be able to attend some conventions, to be able to meet all the actors and to make new friends.

Thanks to Supernatural I've encountered old friends, I've met wonderful people, I've improved my English, I've started to write again. So yes, it has affected my life in a very positive way.

I can't thank Eric Kripke enough for creating these characters. Jared and Jensen for giving them life. Sera Gamble, Jeremy Carver and the other writers for continuing the story. Robert Singer, Jim Michaels and the other producers for making it possible. The whole crew from the directors to the grips to the PAs, all of them are important for building each episode.


38 years old





Watching Supernatural from the very beginning has made me a better person in so many ways, has affected so many aspects of my life it’s hard to keep track of them.

First of all, it gave me confidence in using English and courage to express myself. I used to be an insanely introvert person with mediocre English skills, now I’m a sane one with significantly better English.

I know the positive changes mentioned above are not that unique, they’re something any series can provide. But Supernatural is special. It truly changes lives. Mine is a perfect example.

A few years ago in the light of a shocking discovery about my family watching Supernatural suddenly became an incredibly painful yet therapeutically beneficial experience. Let’s just say this show keeps affecting me on a deep, personal level and makes me focus on what I still have instead of what I?ve lost. In other words, with the help of Supernatural and forgive the mild profanity- I’ve developed a friggin badass attitude towards difficulties of life. This show has not only given me some extra strength but also helped me find again my own strength and fight my own demons.

So, that’s my story in a nutshell. I’ll always be grateful to the cast&crew for creating Supernatural, a show like no other and for giving us a family that doesn’t end with blood.


26 years old

Budapest, Hungary





My father and I have never really seen eye to eye on what to watch on TV. He's old-fashion and love watching westerns, cop-shows, really no SciFi/ horror. Me? I have always loved SciFi/Horror shows, which was unheard to watch when I was growing up. There was only two SciFi shows my father would watch, Star Trek and Space 1999. Imagine my surprise when I came up from Texas to Cleveland, Ohio for a visit a couple of years ago.

I was staying about a week for a much needed visit. Having not seen my father in about 3 years.I really didn't think I would be catching Supernatural at all. I knew it was on the DVR at home and would enjoy the new episodes when I got back. So TV anything wasn't on my radar.

There was a huge snow storm that came in and I ended up snowed in and the airport rerouting flights. I woke up early that Monday morning to see if there was any open bookings and of course there wasn't. So I went in to the living room to see what my Dad was watching.

All I can tell you is that my jaw dropped and I about fell down. On his huge TV (one of those 60 inch something TV's) was Mystery Spot. Hearing my father laugh and comment on what a smart A** Dean was. How Sam couldn't believe some of the things that Deans says. That he loved the innocence of Castiel and how Bobby would of been a great father, floored me completely. I remember spending the whole snowy afternoon with him talking about Supernatural and the obsession that we both had.

It was a huge bonding moment. See my father and me always had the old fashion type of father and daughter relationship. He has always been a yes sir man. Only speak when spoken to. A hard case. So talking to father was very hard to do. He was larger than life to me. Very quiet man. You left him alone, unless he needed or asked you something.

Supernatural opened up a door, that I only can say brought us closer. We never really spoke to each other or really gotten to know each other most of our lives. But some how the story of brothers that places family first, drew us together. Talking about them has open our relationship and reintroduced us both to each other.

Its cool when we can say, did you see last night episode? Or could you believe Sam did this, or Dean said that? What more special since that discovery a couple of years ago, we have gotten closer. Opened up dialog that never was. It also has taken the sting out of what ifs.

See, my Dad has just been diagnosis of stage 4 throat cancer about a month ago. Because of the bond we shared over Supernatural, it has opened up the door to us. He is now sharing his worries and pain. And I really don't think that Dad would of ever reached out and said...I might need your help on this. I'm scared. If I need you would you come home?

Without supernatural, I wouldn't know how much he loved me and care for me or ask me for help. Since he was a private man, that asking would of never come. But having that one thing in common. Opened up everything else about everything else. I know in my heart, that to be true.

If I ever take anything away from watching Supernatural is "family". How a little show that could, to a snow storm in Cleveland on January morning, showed that a Daughter and Father truly had more in common than a title. That they are family. And" family" comes "first" no matter what!

45 years old

Temple, TX/Cleveland, OH



    Supernatural means a safety blanket for me. No matter how bad of a day, or how stressful times may be, I know I can go home and Sam and Dean Winchester will always be there. A little over two years ago, my dad passed away. I was empty. I became in every way a zombie, not eating or leaving my bed for two weeks. One day I finally put on my beloved show again, it was the first thing I was able to bring myself to do. Sam, Dean, Cas and bobby were all there. I cried with them, I laughed with them, and I felt humanity come back to me. My world is forever changed. I've met almost all of my close friends because of watching the show, or at conventions. I've made it through the good and the bad with it. It is the one constant I have in my life. I will be watching for a very long time, long after the series finale airs thanks to DVD's and blu rays.
To the crew, the cast, the fans and everyone who has put their heart and soul into this series, thank you.


28 years old

Ottawa, ON Canada




To me, Supernatural is more than just a TV show. It's more than just actors on film, though I love each and every one of them. It's more than great cinematography and visual effects. It's more than lovable characters and the brilliant minds that came up with them. It's another world, one that my mind can escape to whenever reality gets to be too much. It's my go-to world when I need a good laugh (Castiel really IS the funniest angel in the garrison). It's the place where my heart can break and I'm perfectly fine with it. It's the show that really taught me family values and not to give up on those that matter most to you, and that family is more than genealogy. It's the people who drive you nuts that you don't constantly fantasize about killing.

Thank you to everyone who made Supernatural come to life. This show has been my go-to throughout a 6-month deployment overseas and has helped keep me relatively sane for that time. You all rock!


 21 years old

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What does SPN mean to me? it's too hard to answer such a simple question! Especially doing it in a foreign language )
Obviously, it's not just a show to spend some times of your life with. It bought my heart at the first sight because it wasn't just a Sci-Fi show about monsters, but a very touching and true story about relationships between people. I deeply in love with brother's characters, with a special atmosphere of that parallel Supernatural Universe which was created by a great work of writers, producers and directors... But I guess I'm not the only one fan who'd name Jared and Jensen as a main reason of this fantastic success of the show -the notorious chemistry they radiate makkes us cry, laugh, getting pain and feel alive. They both are so incredibly talented that it's kind of make me feel awe in face of it. It's not a primitive fanaticism but true admiration for their artistry. I've never was a one who needs an idol, even when I was 15th ) But you know what? A few years ago I was really sick and spent most of my time laying in the bed getting meds and doctors said I'm too weak to live a full life. I coudn't accept it, but I didn't know what to do - so I just dived into SPN and fandom deeper. And besides I met a lot of amazing people all over the world I've heard one Jared's interview where he taks his habit of jogging. You probably won't believe it but it changed my life. At that moment he was somehow the only one person I was ready to try for - and I tried. I pushed myself to wake up at mornings and to go out - sure, it wasn't looked like a jogging first few month, rather it was like a turtle races ) But everyday I went outside and walked around listening Rise Against and thinking of Jared who might be do the same somewhere world away. Well, it came a great surprise for doctors, when I get much better refusing any meds finally. Now I'm a full of life woman who has everything to live. Next year I'm gonna move in LA for studying screenwriting and producing in the film school - it was my Big Dream since childhood and it's time to follow my Dream. I passionately want to be the part of this Magic of cinema and TV, to get the small piece of that great power to change someone's life by telling a Story... like Supernatural changed mine.
Oh, yes, almost forgot to mention - I'm still jogging every morning and gonna do it till the end of my life! )
Thank you for this opportunity to share my feelings, guys - I'd never say enough to express how much I love ya'll and what exactly SPN means to me!

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I can't find words sufficient enough to describe how much Supernatural means to me. I knew that as soon as I watched the pilot episode, it would become the show that I'd be the most attached to in my entire life. When I started watching it in March of this year (and I'm currently completely caught up), I was really going through a hard time. I was having quite a few problems with depression and thoughts of suicide, and it seemed to be taking over my life. I started watching the show right in the middle of all that, and it quite honestly became an escape for me. I loved Sam and Dean more than any other character I had ever encountered, whether it be in a T.V. show, or book, and when Cas came along he was right up there with them. I will shamelessly admit that I've shed an endless amount of tears over the show. My best friend and I spent our weekends having marathons just to get caught up, and we were so hooked that we ended up buying tickets to Chicon for this past October. We got general admission for Saturday and Sunday, and photo-ops with Misha and Jared (unfortunately, the Jared and Jensen duos had sold out). It was without a doubt the best weekend of my life. It was so amazing to see how many people a single T.V. show could bring together, and I know that I'll never forget it. Just seeing all of their panels was a great experience because I've never seen actors and actresses who dedicate so much of their time to their fans as they do. It truly felt like one big family, and I'm so grateful to have been able to have gone. I had so much fun that I'm buying my tickets for next year's con after Christmas! All in all, Supernatural is probably one of the most important things in my life. It's gone way beyond being a T.V. show, and although I still have some struggles, it's been something I can turn to when everything else seems to be out of control. I'm so thankful to have it.


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I remember seeing the premiere of Supernatural. I happened to catch it when I was watching TV. It was just my kind of show... supernatural stuff, scifi, blood and guts, etc. The problem was that I had just started law school and had no time for TV. So, alas, I had to forget about it and focus on school, my priority. 3 years later I graduated law school, took the bar exam, (and passed). I had time for TV once again. I had forgotten about Supernatural until I saw a movie come into the theaters that I was really interested in seeing. Again it was my kind of movie. As I sat in the theater watching My Bloody Valentine in 3D with my husband, I kept saying that I had seen the lead actor somewhere. Not only was he GOOD looking but GOOD at acting and I immediately wanted to figure out the show so I could watch him. The show was Supernatural and the actor, of course, was Jensen Ackles. The problem was that the show was about 3 seasons in and we had catching up to do. I bought the DVDs on Amazon and Hubs and I dedicated our nights to watching episode after episode of Supernatural. We were famous for saying to each other, "one more episode before bed?" and then after that one..."oh what's another 45 minutes?" Needless to say, we were both hooked. The problem was that our every night addiction was forced to slow down when we caught up to the present because we had to wait a whole week to see the next episode and there was no fast forwarding through the commercials! Since then, I have been to one convention, joined the twitter and fb world of fan interaction, watch convention videos, and continue to watch the show religiously. The fandom has gotten me through bad days, happy days, and plain ol' days. The interaction between fans and Supernatural actors is one like no other...literally, like no other...I dare anyone to find one. The actors are kind, charity giving, motivational, and humble. Their actions and words drive fans to donate, perform acts of kindness, laugh, cry, and reach out. They let us into their lives like family. They treat us like old friends. Everything has a Supernatural reference that makes each fan laugh inside. Every guest star moves on to do more work, like Supernatural was their blessed start. They become a part of the Supernatural family, gaining thousands of twitter friends instantly. Supernatural is a story and family that I hope never ends. I know someday it must, for all good things do, but I wonder what the next step for the fandom would be. For now, I hold onto this moment and the complete strangers that I am connected to...all because of a fictionally awesome show. Supernatural is family. Supernatural is life. Supernatural is a wild ride and I'm hanging on tight. Thank you for this opportunity to express what so many others feel.


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Supernatural means a lot to me because you won't find a show that is entertaining,funny,dramatic at the same time and this show has all of that I just love this show so much it also has my favorite actor in it which is Jensen ackles not that I don't love everyone else. You guys should never stop the show because all of the fans will be would be mad and I am obsessed with the show so I would be pissed if u stopped anyway I just really appreciate what you guys do and u should never stop acting and the writers should never stop writing supernatural is my life and there is no better show than this one. My goal in life before I die is to meet the whole cast especially you Jensen not that I'm dying anytime soon I really love the show and the cast and I love my life because if I wasn't here I wouldn't be able to see what an amazing show you guys made possible love you so much!!!!


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To me, Supernatural means hope. It means a light at the end of the tunnel. It means coming out of severe depression. It means finding that slight glimmer of hope in life and running with it, running with it into the gates of happiness. It means appreciating your family. It means dealing with loss. It means having something to turn to when everything else has walked away from you. I could go on. But in a nutshell, supernatural, what you mean to me?
You mean every aspect of life rolled into one.

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SPN for me - just part of my family.  Brothers. Because family don't end with blood.


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Supernatural means the light that means you keep climbing, one more day.
Supernatural means that I have people who understand.
Supernatural means not giving up.
Supernatural means having role models.
Supernatural means coming out of my shell.
Supernatural means making friends.
Supernatural means finding confidence.
Supernatural means that when I want to hurt myself, I don't have to.
Supernatural means being in the world again.
Supernatural means learning to trust again.
Supernatural means laughter.
Supernatural means love.
Supernatural is my weekly dinner date with my best friend, someone who listens
And loves and wants me to be whole and part of their world and won't give up on me even after I've given up on myself.


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Thanks to Star world I started watching Supernatural, bit late though. At that time I was going through a tough time and was finding myself lonely. And supernatural changed that all.... Don’t know what was in that show but I connected with the characters and story in way that surprised even me. When they cried, I cried, when then laughed I laughed and then suddenly I was not alone anymore! I now live in a wonderful world of my own! "My Supernatural World" (which no doubt annoys my family to no end). I would like to thank the cast and crew of supernatural for their wonderful work which got me through my tough time and still does. Whenever I feel the need to get away from this world I turn to my collection of supernatural and loose my self in it!!! Thank you and here’s hoping supernatural never ever ends.


24 years old 

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I first started watching Supernatural when I was sixteen. I started watching it because a very close friend of mine, Audra, just put it on when I was at her house for the first time. I started watching it and just couldn't stop! I went home later that day and for the next several weeks caught up on the three seasons that were out. I also talked about it at home all the time, and it caught the interest of my mother as well.

Since then, it has been a connection between Audra and I, even though she goes to school in New York, and I go to school in the Midwest. Even if we talk only once a month, we always have someone to talk about Sam and Dean and their current plights with. On top of this one connection, it has also become a favorite show of my mothers. It's probably the only show she loves just as much as she loved Star Trek when she was my age. Watching episodes, both old and new, has become a bonding experience between my mother and I, and sometimes by 23 year old sister as well. My mother even makes Supernatural-themed bracelets for online communities. These include her beading work, and additional charms, sometimes muscle cars, sometimes Dad's journal, and sometimes shovels. My mother and I also both own separate copies of all seven seasons available to buy of Supernatural.

While Supernatural is a great show with great acting, it is also an interest that I share with an old friend, and with my family. It may seem silly to some, but this TV show brings us together. We honestly enjoy it, and enjoy each other when we watch it. I feel like I've known Sam and Dean since their early twenties, when the show started, and my mother and I feel truly bad for them when they are hurt or in trouble. It's funny to consider how much this show means to us, but to me, it is something in common between me and my family that I brought to them and was able to share with them. I love seeing my mother enjoy the show as much as I do.

Supernatural is more than just a TV show, it is a community of people as well, and it has greatly served in bringing me and my family closer together. As well as it just being an awesome show all around. This show is definitely "friggin worth it."


20 years old 

Evanston, IL 



Almost a year ago I found Supernatural on Netflix. I started to watch and was instantly drawn into the relationship between Sam & Dean. That was also at a point in my life where I was in a really bad friendship, and I was depressed and just not happy. But each day when I rather would have just stayed in bed, I knew I can watch SPN and get the work done (I had just opened an Etsy shop with said "friend" and did all the sewing for it) for the shop and the charity. My family suffered terribly when I went thru this horrible time. I didn't listen to anybody that I should get out of the relationship with this friend, not even my husband. Supernatural literally was the highlight of my day. Then my sister came to visit and kicked me in the behind and got me out of that situation. I finally was able to think clear again and get my act together. I opened my own etsy store and 10% each month go to Charity. I love the fandom, I have made quiet a few friends and some of them actually are very close to me. I don't know what could have happened if I didn't have that light, that I call my saving grace. Supernatural.


39 years old

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Supernatural is so much more than a word, this has been said quite a lot throughout the SPNFamily but it remains true to all of us. Everyone has different experiences in life but Supernatural brings us together, not just as a fandom but as a family and I am grateful for having such a thing that I can be myself with, and not have to worry about being judged. Supernatural has been there for me through difficult times and no one really understands just how much it means to me and I doubt anyone ever will, but what is important is that I know why it is, and I'll always have something to remember. I don't know where I'd be without the SPNFamily in these last few months, I've always been the 'freak' just how Sam felt, and people have always made me believe it but with our family no one is a freak, no one is more important than all of us together. So I thank Supernatural for giving me this experience, this family and long may it continue.


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So there I was, minding my kids business, telling her she needed to turn the TV off and go read something when this show caught my attention. She said I would love it but she is 15, she doesn't know what I like. Then she points out Dean Winchester and I start thinking she knows me better than I give her credit for. Still it took a couple more walk-by viewings before "Faith" set the hook. A couple of credit card purchases later my daughter and I were side by side on the sofa mainlining seasons 1 - 6 in Blu-Ray, a box of kleenex between us and desperately in love with the epic story of Sam & Dean.
Do you have any teenagers? Do you know how hard it is to re-forge that parent/child connection once they move past all the things you used to talk about when they were in elementary school? Supernatural gives us a new language to communicate in, and not just the mythology of the scripts which are rich & fun to debate. I used to be in film editing and whereas before my career was worse than boring, now I have street cred when discussing SPN production. Taking full advantage of what I already knew about filming and what I have absorbed from every SPN behind-the-scenes book currently in print, I am an encyclopedia of SPN knowledge and her HS friends who also watch the show think I'm the coolest Mom for miles. I couldn't beat Kevin Parks in a trivia quiz but it sure would be fun to try!
More than that though the delving back into one shows production details makes me want to be creative again and part of something bigger than my own little family. I've discovered how to use social media to stay up on SPN news and in the process made some excellent new friends. One, in particular who had no other SPN fans in her friendship circle at home has become an online dear friend. Somehow being in the SPN family puts us at a level of understanding that it feels safe to talk about anything with my SPN Sister. People who read, and study history, and know good story structure, and who ask questions about everything and who can write a thesis on each episode come together to talk and think and endlessly guess about what it all means and I LOVE BEING PART OF THAT. It's like my right brain is waking up again (Misha and GISHWHES can take some credit for that as well). I so appreciate that the show is there and that these brilliant artists in all their collaborative fields have created a world we all care about so deeply. On beyond that though I appreciate that YOU are all there caring and debating and driving the SPNFamily bus. I'm the one singing loudly off-key in the back, and so happy to be along for the ride.


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Supernatural is the first TV show I've ever watched with characters I can relate to. My little brother and I had a different upbringing because our family lived outside the norm. It wasn't bad, but it was isolating because other people couldn't understand it or relate to us, and so with the exception of a girl I've been friends with since kindergarten, my brother and I only had each other.

When my brother left to join the Marines it was devastating to me. I felt like I had lost a large piece of myself, and it took months to get used to his absence. I would come home from work and stop by his room to tell him something or to share a joke and he wasn't there. It felt like losing him all over again each time.

Supernatural gave me a small measure of peace and hope, because Sam went away and I know how Dean had to have felt, but they came back together eventually. They had each grown up and apart, but at their core they were still brothers, and they were able to work at fitting together again.

Later I was able to share the show with my other best friend. Our friendship has always been strange. We shouldn't work, but we do, even though we are polar opposites and one of us is almost always moving away. When we sat down to watch it together this year we were both raw from separate troubles and needed a common base to come back to.

We watched one or two episodes a night for weeks and the Winchester's helped us regain our footing. We started talking about the crap we'd gone through and kept a secret- depression, suicidal thoughts, her rape, the child molester in my family- and we rebuilt some bridges and created new ones. We got back to being friends, and then to that deeper level of sisterhood we used to have, even though there is now two thousand miles between us once more.

As of today my brother and I find ourselves where the Winchester's started out. He's out of the Marines and I have left home to live with him to split rent. We're both very different, and there is a four-year wide river we have to bridge, but thanks to the show I know it can be done.

Supernatural has given me a lot since I started watching it. Dean taught me I wasn't alone in being an outcast because of my raising, and that it even left me better off than if I'd had "normal". Sam taught me that the darkness in life can be defeated, no matter what kind of monster skin it wears, even if it's all in your head.

Supernatural gives me hope. It's given me my family again, and reminded me of just how important they are, blood or not.

Thank you.


24 years old

North Carolina



I’ve loved this show since day one and will continue to watch and support it way beyond it’s last episode. At first it was just a great show and source of entertainment for an hour each week. Ghosts, monsters, urban legends, and two amazingly gorgeous men fighting evil and saving people- I mean, what’s not to love?

Through this show I’ve met so many people that have become great friends and an extra support system. I feel as if this fandom is like a second family, one that I could get help from if I ever need it and vice versa. I’ve never been a part of (hell, even heard of) such an amazing fandom that does so many good things for others (donations, random acts, etc.) and it makes me want to help others and do good myself. I’m a better person because of that. The cast and crew inspire us because they are such caring people themselves.

This is probably going to sound incredibly cheesy but Supernatural has become not only a source of entertainment and inspiration but a light in dark times as well. About two years ago my mom was killed in a car accident and to say it hit me and my family hard would be a huge understatement. I have two kid siblings and me being the oldest (23 at that time) I felt I had to put my feelings on the back burner and be strong for them. There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed and nights I’d cry myself to sleep. Each night I’d throw in one of my DVDs and watch the brothers and I’d actually start to feel a little better. Sometimes it was because the Winchesters took out a nasty ghost and saved a family that made me smile and sometimes it was one of Dean’s many funny/witty lines and moments that caused me to laugh out. Something as simple as that meant the world to me. I still throw in a DVD whenever the real world starts to suck out loud or become stressful. I can’t ever say thank you enough for that.

To anyone that says "it's just a show" I say, "you are so dead wrong-it's so much more."


24 years old

Hanover, IL



How has Supernatural affected my life in a positive way?
Well, first I got to say, it really has! It's not just a show I like to watch when I'm really means something to me.
When I was at the age of five my father became ill. First it started out slowly, his legs wouldn’t move a fast as he wanted them to. But a time passed by, it got worse. When it started he got a walking stick, looked a bit like Dr. House to me...
But anyways, his condition got worse. Soon he needed a walking frame. At the age of 30! It was just hard to see my dad this way. Slowly he just lost the control over his own body, especially the legs. No doctor could help him, the assume it to be some kind of neuropathy. That kind is not really explored because only a few people suffer from it.
For me a child it was very complicated. As I grew older I could tell that I was seeing my dad fading away. When that came to my mind, I was shocked and I didn't know how to handle that situation. It was also in that time when my parents divorced.
So I got more and more introverted and I couldn’t built up a emotionally relationship to my father anymore.
I visited him one time a week, but the feeling was always weird because we barely could talk about anything. He not only lost control over his arms and legs but also he could not talk properly, it was horrible for me.
Anyways, that was the time when he first showed me that there was a new show in german TV: Supernatural. He knew that I liked Vampires and Demons and stuff, so he asked if I would like to watch it with him. Of course I said yes, at least to get rid of this horrible atmosphere.
So we watched the first episode...and then the second and the third. It was awesome! From this point on he always would record every episode and then when I visited him, we would watch about two or three. It was so great! We finally had found something we could talk about, something that brought us closer again. We laughed at Dean's eating behavior or at sammy's was just a great time.
Over time I found a way to cope with the situation again and that just because of Supernatural.
We really really love the show and because of that we always have something to talk about. For christmas je got me three Supernatural books and my present was season seven. Just awesome!
So I would really like to thank the cast, I'm sitting here crying because I'm so glad it turned out this way. Of course sometimes it is still hard...especially when I think of that I might lose my fahter sooner or later...but then I just remember that I'm part of the awesome SPN-Family and that there's always someone, somewhere there for me. Even if it's just on the screen. Carry on this great, great work! ;)
Lots of love and best wishes for all your families and friends, Kim&Thomas! <3


20 years old




Supernatural is not only a tv-show.

It's the first show I started following every week. The first show where I got involved enough to learn about the cast and inevitably the amazing fandom. Then I learned about everything they've done together - the charity, the volunteering, the games, competitions and events, the support and how there is no line drawn between cast and fan - just one big family.

And then getting to know the actors and everyone behind the creative stories they tell and finding extraordinary people in each their own way, all funny, caring and friendly.

And then getting to know the fans and how they stand together and help each other out. They give and give, not only to the cast, but to each other and others as well.

Supernatural is not only a tv show. It's a huge group of amazing people of all shapes and ages, all over the world, connected by this one simple thing.

And now I, along with so many others, feel joy when the boys becomes fathers, feel pride when we donate and help others, feel succes and fellowship when we win something as simple as a pole on the internet or something as grand as a People's Choice Award.

And I, along with so many others, will feel sadness when it's all over, but have amazing memories of what we once were and hopefully will continue to be, even after our favorite show stops airing.

I will forever remember the friends I made because of SPN. I will forever remember this connection, not limited by country or language.

Supernatural to me is something to be a part of.
Supernatural to me is something to be proud of.


21 years old






SPN is a way of life... SPN has the BEST connection between fans, cast and crew EVER! Its family business <3


25 years old




I was battling depression when I first discovered Supernatural in 2010. I remember hearing about the show, but never watched it. I caught a re-run on TNT, but thought I'd heard that it had been cancelled. I checked on the internet and found they had just finished season five and that they had been picked up for season six, so I ordered the DVD's on Netflix. I got hooked on the story of The Boys and found I couldn't get enough! I would watch daily until bedtime, then received season 4 from my family for Mother's Day. I was in a bad place then, but watching Supernatural, just made me feel better. The storyline was so awesome and well thought out, I felt like I was a part of it (if that makes any sense). Then, I noticed The Boys! Holy crap, they were beautiful. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed them until late into season 3! Depression is a bitch! I went online to see if there were anyone else interested in the show, and found an entire community of people who loved the show and felt the same way as I did! I was honored by my kids and husband for Mother's Day 2011, with Gold tickets to Toronto Con. I was over the moon! Once I got to the hotel, I started to worry: what if they were jerks; what if people treat me mean; what am I doing here! I ended up meeting some of the most wonderful people, and The Boys and other guests were amazing! I believe I have made lifetime friendships because of Supernatural and have found a whole group of people who share my love and passion for the show. Also, focusing on the show helps keep my mind off me and the depression is finally under control. i believe that it is directly related to my love of the show and all the related interests. THANK YOU!


56 years old




When I started watching Supernatural, I was going through a long term break-up, essentially. So I was really down in the dumps and looking for a way to distract myself. My friend gave me the first DVD set, and I told her it looked stupid and the cast was too pretty and I didn't like dumb vampire things etc. etc. and she said "just take it, okay?" so I did. It stared at me from my table next to the television for weeks.

Then I put on the first disc in the afternoon. Dean was attractive. The soundtrack was awesome. I was down with it, but it didn't move or change me. It just Was.

Then I'm on season two and suddenly Faith happened and now I'm fucking invested. I don't think I started to love it at this point, but I started to become very very invested. I was yelling at Bad Dad John Winchester from the couch, absolutely furious he didn't visit Dean when Sam called him to tell him he was dying. And above all I really really wanted Sam to convince his brother to have some faith, and I was crushed at the end.

The finale comes around. I'm sobbing. Dean's self-loathing became the reason I continued watching the show. I needed to know that he could overcome it. I needed to know it was possible. And, in this way, Supernatural began to be a torch in my own darkness; I began to use it not as a form of escapism but as a critical tool for my own introspection and understanding of the world. If I identified with Dean, then I needed to see him get it through his thick skull that he was worth something. I needed to see it for someone else before I could believe it for myself.

The Christmas episode happened and essentially wrecked me. Dean was going to Hell! Demons began raising the stakes. The pacing of the show was so perfect, the use of symbolism and atmosphere inspiring. I knew I was learning something important about how to improve my writing and my own art as I continued watching. I fell in love with the way Bobby loved Sam and Dean. I began to understand that my initial dislike of Sam was rooted in my own insecurities, my own flaws that I saw in his character. Then I watched him conquer all of them.

The lowest of all low points is right there in the season three finale. You have no idea what's going to happen - only that the worst thing imaginable(at this juncture) has happened. Hellhounds have ripped Dean apart, and he's being tortured in Hell, and Sam is alone, which he should never be. Much like the Doctor, his dark side has a much better chance of slipping him up when he's hurting and pushing people away.

Season four is what changed everything for me, though. Season four is when I said, 'this is my favorite show.' Season four gave depth and context to everything I had already seen onscreen. Castiel had the best character introduction I have ever seen. The whole introduction to the episode - the eerie silence, the climbing out of the ground... It's incredible, the tension is palpable. And Cas standing there as this impossible symbol of salvation. We, as an audience, are thinking, 'this is it. There are angels! Sam was right all along! Angels exist! There's hope!' We are raised higher and more hopeful than ever before, back to back with the lowest point(IMO) of the series...

The downward spiral from there and eventual salvation in season five follows. Tense enough that it hurts to watch. Castiel's struggle with faith is my favorite story arc in the entire series. Maybe I identified a bit with being confused and feeling like you're on the outside looking in. Maybe I just loved the character, the idea of him. But I fell hard for Cas.

It was around this time I decided to apply for a religious studies minor, realizing I wanted to spend more time studying myth and religion. I've always been attracted to it, but I never knew how much. Supernatural really touched a nerve in me, one I'd been dancing around for years.

It inspired a series of short stories I'm working on - none of which are overtly supernatural in context but the way I handle themes and characters are very, very different because of Supernatural. Small details are huge, and characters are deeply rooted and complex. Fiction is important. I hadn't felt this way about my writing since I saw Firefly for the first time and it kicked my ass in the same sort of way.

My relationship with my parents, my friends around me, and strangers has improved significantly since Supernatural. I often approach fans online now, and at cons, despite my own shyness. I invited a fan I met briefly up to my college campus recently. It was like a cousin was visiting. It got me thinking about my relationship with God again, with other people, with the study of the philosophies behind religion and myth.

Once you have this deep love for the show, you're moved to do things with that love. I recognize it in other fans. "Family don't end with blood" isn't just a line in a show tying together some incredible characters - it's real, it's important.

GISHWHES never would have crossed my mind if I didn't love this show. I wouldn't have met thirteen other people who needed me as much as I needed them and we didn't even know that need was there. I don't know what I'd do without them - without being able to be there to help them or to be helped, every day, even though it's been like four months since the damn thing ended.

I would've stayed in that miserable slump for much longer if I hadn't found something that uplifted me, inspired me, kicked my ass into gear.

I wouldn't have started writing again, and I'm still anxious a lot and nervous all the time, but it would be so much worse.

If I have a rough day ahead I throw on my plaid and I decide I'm going to be a Winchester. To me, that means bravery.


20 years old

Hartford, CT 



I came kind of later to Supernatural. Started watching the 3rd season. I had hurt my back and was out of work for a few weeks and ended up renting them on Netflix. Got the first DVD and watched it 5 times in a row and ended buying all the DVDs. Have been addicted since. Really did not find out about the fandom until 2010. After I bought my first magazine found out about the conventions and that there was going to be one in NJ in July 2010. Ended up going with my best friend. She was not as into Supernatural (has since gotten into it) but she went anyhow. Our first day at breakfast a girl sitting next to us started talking to us. How this would change my life is amazing to me. She told her she was for the con and by herself and her name was Judy (yes we do get made fun of a lot lol) and from San Diego. Told her my brother lived there and Theresa (my best friend) told Judy to just stay with us the weekend. We hung out the whole weekend. Well since then Judy has become my other closest friend. It's amazing to me that if it wasn't for this show I would not have met one of my best friends! Since then been to NJ together twice and LA twice and going again to NJ. The other thing that is amazing is Judy talked to us because she is amazingly shy. I think it was a friendship that was meant to be and will continue forever! That is the other thing about this is how many friendships I have made that will continue even after this show ends. These are the friends who have let me cry to them, bitch, moan complain and are still there! I think what has meant the most to me is the Supernatural family. I have an extremely small family though very close not too many of us. But through this I have so many more. The friendships are the most important thing Supernatural has meant to me and brought to me! Every time I go to a con yes I go to meet the guys but it is just as much to see some of you. I am in NY one of my best friends is in California. We would never have met otherwise. All of you I know I would never have met if it wasn't for this show. And that is what Supernatural means to me. As Bobby said family doesn't end with blood and this fandom proves it!


49 years old

Airmont, NY



I started watching Supernatural when a colleague put a few episodes on a flash drive for me, season 4 was on TV by then so I had some catching up to do. What I didn't expect was to get so caught up in the series,the actors,the crew, writers and basically everything connected with show that I became a "fangirl" at my age!lol, but I did, I fell madly in love with Misha much to my husband's amusement and went on to Twitter so I could follow him, again another surprise when a new whole new world of fandom opened up to me and I was able to share my enthusiasm with other "family" members. There have been many shows over the years that I've enjoyed but there is nothing like the closeness and fellowship that is Supernatural and the SPNFamily.It makes me feel part of a community, I enjoy being able to support the various charities but more than anything I feel as if I have so many friends now even though we may never meet, how could I ever feel lonely.


54 years old

Cardiff, Wales



Not a long time fan here unfortunately. I just met with this Supernatural awesomeness and its incredible fan-base last year. However despite that I've become engrossed with the brothers and their lives almost immediately.

I think, Supernatural shows people not to judge a book by its cover like you can easily do with both brothers, Dean as a carefree and maybe an inconsiderate guy and Sam as the most wellbehaved young man and victim of a not so decent family. I'm not being a Dean girl here, this is just probably what one would assume after Pilot or a few episodes more into the first season. But it's not quite like that, is it? So, don't judge the book by its cover.

And then, there is the importance of family. What the show is about basically. Family comes first, always. I wouldn't ever forget that or think otherwise but now it also reminds me Dean and Sam's (and also John's and Bobby's) story. Maybe it means a lot more for me than before I watched the show.

Also the show graved into my mind a fact that I already knew, DON'T EVER MESS WITH A CHILD'S PSYCHOLOGY! See what happens, Dean friggin' Winchester happens.

It showed me these and a lot more. It has a huge place in my heart since last January. Not only the show but also the fandom is amazing. These show everyone who make fun of fandoms just what can fandoms do. Helping people,winning PCAs, Family Business...


20 years old

Istanbul, Turkey



Supernatural kind of snuck up on me. My sister was a huge fan of the show, as was my sorority little sister. Both loved everything about Supernatural. They encouraged me to watch it, but I didn't watch a lot of television. I was a reader through and through. Unfortunately, right after I graduated with my bachelors degree, I fell on hard times. I had to pack up my belongings and put them in storage, which meant all of my books were packed in boxes. I moved in a with one of my best friends. In my room, I had a tv and a dvd player. I decided to give myself something to do while waiting for graduate school to start the following January. I borrowed Gilmore Girls and watched it religiously for 2 weeks. When I finished it, I still had three weeks left before school started. I decided I'd give Supernatural a try, so I borrowed it from my little sister. I slowly made it through season 1. I liked it well enough, but it wasn't something I generally watched. I was a fan of The Vampire Diaries but that was about as supernatural as I got. As I began watching season 2, I got more and more intrigued by the story and legends. With an BA in English, I was familiar with some of the mythology they were using. When I got to All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 2, that's when Supernatural really hit me. I fell in love with it. The monologue Dean gives while Sam is lying dead on the bed nearly killed me. I, too, am the oldest sibling and his words hit home. Growing up, I was the sister who hid things from my little sister so she wouldn't have to experience them full on. When our dad left, I made sure she was okay. So Dean's words were literally what I tried to do for most of my formative years. So what I did to pay homage to Supernatural is I made it my masters thesis topic. I want this show to get as much respect as it deserves. I am currently doing an in depth psychological profile of each of the boys. I'm trying to determine their deepest desires and figure out what it means to them. So you ask, what does Supernatural mean to me? It means that there is hope in the darkest of hours. There is redemption for the darkest of souls. There is light in the darkest of places. In each of us there is a little Sam or Dean, or maybe a combination of the two. We seek what we know is right. Supernatural embodies its audience heart and soul.


24 years old

Nacogdoches, TX


SPN is a TV Show which connects me to my younger brother. We both enjoy the show, found some significance on the monsters with the tales from our childhood. He only have me and vice versa. It's "you and me versus the world". Our parents got nobody but us, we got no one but them. Me and my brother tried our best to help them. Anyway, SPN with Sam and Dean is like Budi and Budo for the two of us. We bicker all the time but when the family needs us to be one voice, we're there.
8 season is a long time, the show accompany me when I went to work in Bali for a year, got no friend in new place.
Great show, hopefully we get to see more.



31 years old

Yogyakarta, Indonesia



7 years ago my boyfriend died and I lost myself. I couldn't connect with family or friends. I couldn't bear to watch a lot of tv. Nothing held my interest. I felt completely shut off from the world. I would let nothing touch me. Them my friend Sue sent me supernatural on DVD from Australia. It sat in my living room in it wrapper for nearly 2 years before I finally got round to opening it and watching it. I was hooked from the 1st episode. The brothers relationship and friendship made me realise that I needed to connect with my life again. I watched the 1st 3 seasons in 2 months and whenever I feel down I reach for my supernatural DVDs. The other unexpected thing that came out of the show for me was the amazingly dedicated and supportive fandom. I've made some really great friends through the show. It's changed my outlook on life and it gave me what I needed when I was at my lowest. Hope.


34 years old




The mom of my daughter's friend introduced us to Supernatural this past summer. When I got the flu in November, I was able to catch up on the past 7 seasons that I missed and I fell in love. The relationship between the brothers, and even with Castiel now, is so dynamic yet there is such a strong undercurrent of love. I think this really showed in "Swan Song" when Dean told Sam that he was there for him, even after being beaten. I had a priest say once that he didn't understand why Mary wanted to see Jesus be tortured and killed on the cross. But I told the priest that, as a mother, you absolutely CAN NOT let your child die alone. Even as it rips your heart out, you have to be with them. That is what Dean was doing for Sam. And, for me, that sums up the entire series.


48 years old

Austin, TX



I found Supernatural from Tumblr, and I started watching it in spring 2012. Ever since it has been my favorite show. It has taught me a lot about family and friendship. It has also introduced me to the best fandom ever, the SPN Family! Thanks to Supernatural, I have met a few of the most amazing people that are now my great friends.


17 years old




I won't turn this into a cheesy sob story but my past and present are a bit cloudy. I have several medical conditions that affect my life in a very real, big bad way; and it often leaves me looking for something or someone to help me get out of that groove. Supernatural does that for me. I get to become absorbed in something that makes me happy-sad-angry-scared-enchanted- all in a good way. I love to watch each episode (over and over)and they give me something to believe in- even for just a little while.


31 years old

Buffalo, NY



Supernatural has brought together so many people, from so many backgrounds. It has definitely taught me that "family doesn't end with blood". I have met so many people that have been wonderful. Without Supernatural I would never have ventured out into the world and met so many great people (other fans and the cast). Thank you for broadening my horizons and sharing your world with all of us.


28 years old

Tyler, TX



The first time I ever heard of Supernatural was from my sister in August 2012. She was watching episode 19 of Season 1 on her computer as I was going through a box of my old dolls. All I could hear was the sound and a few dark images. The one thing that stuck in my mind was the part when Sam was talking about Jess and that she died. My sister told me that Dean and Sam were supernatural hunters. My first thought about Jess is she was another hunter, who hunted with them and then died. The next day, I watched the season finale of Season 1 and the season premiere of Season 2. The day after I watched Season 1 from the beginning. I was hooked. We watched all seven seasons in about a month and a half. I was hooked. Now I can't imagine life without it. I know more about it than my sister and I love it so much. Some of my dreams is to travel the USA and work on a Hollywood set, both of which were inspired by Supernatural, and I really want to meet the cast. That is what SPN means to me and that is how much.


15 years old




First of all, I sleep, eat and work with Supernatural on. I watch it on Netflix, on my iPhone and iPad. I LOVE this show. I am a big fan of supernatural kind of shows and movies. I come from a big family of 13 kids. I am close only to two of my sisters. The Love between Sam and Dean just make my day. Serious Sam and Witty Dean work well together. The show is a combination of the Hardy Boys, Dukes of Hazard, Law and Order and the X-Files; Shows I watched as I grew up. I watch the videos of their conventions Q&As.. ComicCon and others, wishing I was there. I live in Miami, Florida and seeing them in person is a dream of mine. Wish they would do a Skype or something like that for those of us who can't make the conventions. I would like to ask them this question. ( Do you have to be mad at each other off the set to do the angry brothers scenes on set?) In closing, Can't wait to see Jensen's baby. And the show coming back another year, is AWESOME!!! Just Awesome!! May God Bless and Keep You is my prayer.


47 years old

Miami, FL



Supernatural has been a great creative force for me; I work a hard job, crappy hours. I fell in love with the show from the first time I saw it, it gave me a way to relax and more than that: fantastic online (now real life) friends, a sandbox to write in, a parkland to play in. I get to draw and paint and write and I get to connect with hundreds of other people who do the same- talk about episodes, relate with people I might never have met otherwise. Supernatural is a show but the SPN Family? That's thousands of friends you just haven't met yet. We've got our drama but just like the age-old brother and sister fight, we've got one another every single time. Thank-you for every awesome person I've met, every awesome thing I've read, every funny episode I've laughed about and every sad one I've cried over. You guys really created something identifiable and more importantly, lovable.


23 years old




It means finally being able to accept the decisions I made with my own family, even if they haven't always been the right ones, and being able to forgive the brother who walked away twice. It means letting go of pain I've carried around for years, and accepting that there are people I would die for, no matter how distant I pretend to be. It means accepting my mistakes, and knowing that you never stop learning about who you are. It's about being able to escape from my real life for an hour a week, and letting myself cry. Ultimately it serves as a reminder that family don't end in blood, and that those are the people who love you the most.


19 years old

 United States 



It means having someone there for you when no one else understands. When other people call you a freak or a loser, but you don't feel like that, because you have a family that thinks you're amazing.


17 years old

 New Jersey



I never thought I would get hooked on a series of this genre, but I did. From the first time I tuned in I knew there was something here! I've been very blessed as I've never really had big dramas in my life, but when something has happened this show has made it bearable for me. More often what this show has done for me is make me remember what I have, family and friends and a great place to live! I've gotten some people hooked on this show, told them to watch it if they haven't, and talked with strangers about it because they see I bought one of the novels or DVDs and found out they are a fan too! I've also gotten to talk about it with fans from other parts of the country because they follow me on Twitter and we end up having tweet chats about the latest episode or current storyline! Also, if I've been having a long, drawn out day, or week, knowing it's Supernatural night, either with a new episode or one of my box sets or even just curling up with one of the novels, I immediately feel a weight lift off and I can just relax!! I also respect Jared and Jensen and the rest of the cast and crew for all the great things they do for various charities, they make me want to be a better person. Jared and Jensen also remind me so much of the guys I went to high school with, which is a good thing, because some of those guys are still good friends of mine. I too am also a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, have been since I was about 10 years old! There's nothing better than Cowboys football!! So, good luck to the cast and crew, keep making a great show that has been so amazingly done that it keeps us fans coming back year after year! Can't wait to see what happens next in Season 8 and of course, can't wait for Season 9, and who knows, we're a powerful group, I have no doubt we'll get to 10!!! Carry on, boys!!


27 years old




I had a tough time growing up my dad passed when I was only 17 and I have depression and was a self Harmer and suicidal. I was flicking through the tv channels and came across a program called Supernatural. Then till this present day I realised there was more to life then trying to end I have watched every single episode of Supernatural a Wouk like to thank Eric kripke for making Supernatural, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for agreeing to be the main characters, Misha Collins, Sebastian Roche' and Jim Beaver plus many more for being amazing guest stars. THANK YOU SUPERNATURAL!!!!!


20 years old




When I feel down and things are bad, I get the supernatural DVD box sets out lay on bed, start watching the brothers kick demon ass!


30 years old

 Manchester, UK



Supernatural means carrying on even when everything is literally falling apart around you. Dean and I are very similar: we both come from households where a parent is not in the picture (in my case my mom is in prison) and we both have a younger sibling to watch out for. There were many days in my past where my mom would be gone for days at a time gamboling our life savings away, and I would be there to take care of my younger sister and doing everything to make sure that nothing changed for her. I would do anything for my sister, and knowing that there was someone (even a fictional character) who understood me and my screwed up lifestyle made me feel better. And then, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse for the brothers and things continued to spiral downward, I was able to watch them stand up, brush everything off, and persevere. If Sam and Dean can go through hell fire, I know that I can get through my problems. Supernatural gives me hope and I know that I can carry on.


20 years old




My sister lives in California and I live on the east coast. We haven't seen each other In years. We talked on the phone from time to time. One day, a year ago, she told me about a show she considered fantastic, about two brothers hunting demons and other creatures. What she liked about it the most, was the relationship between the brothers and how important family was to each other. I never heard of Supernatural before. I got hooked almost right away! Through Netflix, iTunes, and a cable channel, I was able to catch up with all the episodes. When she became hospitalized, she was able to view current episodes on the CW app. I believe this actually helped in her recovery. Every week we talk about the episodes. We've become closer because of this wonderful show. Thank you and may the show continue on!


60 years old

Huntington, NY



Supernatural- when I hear it I smile and two brothers come to mind. Then, a confused angel. Some demons, a prophet, hunters and everyday people. An amazing cast, crew. Jared and Jensen. Misha, Mark. Jim, Jeffrey, Genevieve, osricquallsmarktymitchamanda.. A damn 1967 chevy! The show learned me how to deal with monsters. And I'm totally ready for the apocalypse too, now. Unlike (probably) a lot others, I don't have an emotional reason or background story for watching this show. The cast&crew are simply awesome, and they way they treat eachother is even better. I simply watch Supernatural because it kicks ass.


15 years old





I just recently started watching Supernatural, and as soon as I did I regretted not starting sooner! I had heard a lot about it (thank you, Tumblr) and decided to try it out, and right from the first episode it completely exceeded my expectations. I've laughed and cried (mostly cried) along with the Winchester boys, and it has been a great experience. Before I started the show, I had been feeling down a lot, not exactly depressed, but I just wasn't sure where my life was headed. School, work, and worrying about college and my future made me Rather anxious most of the time. Supernatural was the perfect boost for me, it has taught me never to give up, and that there is always hope, no matter your situation. I am extremely grateful to each and every person that has worked so hard to put together such an awesome show! It really is incredible!


17 years old




Supernatural saved my sanity! And maybe my life. Well, I guess I should back up. I have been on dialysis since 08/2005. The worst thing about dialysis isn't the actual treatment. It is being trapped in that chair for 4 to 5 hours. After a few years I was starting to get really aggitated. I didn't want to finish my treatments. Or even go to them. That is when I broke down and bought Supernatural on DVD. Watching the show, 5 hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It gets me through. Has for 4 years now. More than that, it has become a real hobby for me. (obsession says my family. I say hobby!!) I have always loved horror and sci-fi. This is the best of both. With great drama and comedy as well. With amazing actors. Best show in the history of tv!! BLESS YOU!!


50 years old

 Louisville, KY 



Supernatural changed my life. It has taught me so much. It has taught me to never give up, no matter how shitty and hard things become. It also taught me to be brave and not to be scared of things unseen. But I think that the most important thing that Supernatural has taught me is that Family is everything. As Bobby said, "Family don't end in blood." I have met some amazing friends due to Supernatural, people that I will always consider family.


17 years old




Supernatural not just changed or effected my life it remade it, I got into Supernatural at a time in my life when I was going through a difficult time and it gave me something, a constant to hold onto and ride through to the other side and after that I got to enjoy Supernatural so much for everything it did for me. It’s left a lasting impression on me, I'm more confident because of Dean, I think about others more because of Sammy and I realized I don't have to go through life alone like Cass and I have made life long friends in the fandom. Comparing me before Supernatural and after it I like what I see so much more so thank you to the cast and crew of the show that is so much more than just a show.


21 years old




Supernatural is somewhere we can all escape. It's as much of our baby as it is the cast and crew's, because it's our little show that could. When I feel bleak, it's always been Supernatural that's pulled me up; whether I start singing 'Carry on my Wayward Son', or I produce Sam, Dean, and Cas messing around in my head, you guys have ALWAYS been there for me. Supernatural has provided me with wisdom beyond anything I could ever learn otherwise. It's a lifestyle, and I will always support you. Because the show, the cast, and the crew... they're all my family. We don't call ourselves the SPN Family for nothing - we call ourselves that because you've given us so much to love.


19 years old




I only discovered Supernatural over the summer last year. I had just finished a REALLY rough freshman year in college and my entire family was moving out of our home of 19 years so my mom could work her dream job in Hawaii, over 3000 miles away. Our house ended up not selling before they had to move and I was going back to school in AZ so we decided I should stay until the house sold and our furniture could be sent to Hawaii. I spent the 2 months in that house by myself and had just found out that I suffer from depression and social anxiety. With everything going on, my depression got worse and I was just searching that could help me not think about everything going on. I happened upon Supernatural on Netflix and decided to give it a chance cause my friends had said good things about it and I was already a fan of Jared from Gilmore Girls.

This was the best decision I could've made. The story of the brothers and these fantastical adventures and the love that people can have for each other took me out of my mind. Jared and Jensen (and eventually Misha) portrayed their characters so well and I was immediately hooked. It took me the rest of the summer to get through all seven seasons in order to be caught up by the time the 8th season came out.

There were times when Supernatural was the only reason I got up in the morning. It gave me something to look forward to when I felt like nothing good would ever happen to me again. It gave me friends when I felt so alone in the world. I could turn the show and the characters (and actors) when I wanted to be comforted and needed reminding that there are reasons to fight in this world. I really do think with all my heart that Supernatural is one of the only reasons that I made it through the summer. And I could never ever express how thankful I am to the show and the actors and the entire rest of the crew.

Please keep doing what you're doing. I'm still in the process of healing but I know I have a home in the Supernatural family.


 20 years old




I will just start by saying that Supernatural is NOT just a show, it’s a lifestyle.
My love story , can I say love story or that sounds really creepy haha , anyway I started watching Supernatural like 3 years ago , and when it all started , i started to show my love for the people i love , especially my sister because life is too short not to , every time I feel sad , I just watch one single episode of SPN , and its enough to make me smile .
the cast , the fandom , they are all special , I watch a lot of shows and i am in lots of fandoms.
but there is the shows i love and there is SPN a whole new kind of level .
I just wanna end it , and say THANK YOU Jared,Jensen ,the whole cast , the crew and the fandom thank you for being there even if you don’t know that i exist or realize how you make me feel better , thank you for this show.
its not a just actors and their fans , its A FAMILY , thank you .

19 years old




Supernatural taught me that passion could be more than a hobby. That entertainment wasn't just a way to kill time or to distract myself.

 I'm from France. Tv shows don't have the same place in my country than they have in the US. Yet I was a Gilmore Girls fan and a Dark Angel and Smallville fan. So I came for Jared and Jensen. First episode I was hooked. I cared so much for Sam and Dean. I wanted to know more about the story and scenario. I was engaged. It wasn't just for the actors but for the characters.

In order to fully enjoy the adventure, well I couldn't watch it in French. It seems absurd but it changes everything. So thanks to the show I learned English and fell in love with the language. I didn't realize it. I started watching other shows but it all started with SPN. Also the Winchesters driving across America, the folklore and urban legends, Dean cultural references ... It wasn't just the language anymore. It was the culture. Supernatural made me fall in love with American culture.

 It all started with Supernatural. My English studies after high school. Studying translation and how to make subtitles. Today I am a student in an English Literature and Civilization Major. I dream to come and visit USA.

 Then the show means even more today because it brought a Family to me. People to share the passion. The fans. It's incredible. We joke about the fan fictions, the videos we can find on the net, the Tumblr creations. I sometimes don't even realize how much this show inspires people ! How much time we dedicate because it brings happiness and it is fun and it means escaping work and troubles for some time.

It's family and the cast and crew being so close and giving to each other... It's so important. Thanks to social networks also.

I want to keep this relationship evolving until the end and beyond. It means being a part of something. When my favorite show wins prize I belong and I am a part of it. When I go to conventions I am a part of it, I meet people like me. I can tell to the cast how much it means. Supernatural makes me belong.

 I didn't know I could belong by just loving a show and a story before. I didn't know I could do that for other shows or films as well. Now I know and I'm going to do my best to work in culture, media and journalism. To be able to share again and be a part of something again.

 I want to thank Jared, Jensen, Misha and the entire cast for teaching me that I can make a living with what I really love. By coming to conventions and letting us witness that passion, respect, modesty and dreams can build something that matters. I want to thank the crew for sharing anecdotes from the set, for giving attention to our comments and acknowledging our creations, for communicating with us and building a relationship. For staying true to the story.

 I met friends, stayed up for hours because of time zone to be a part of events, I cried and laughed and dreamed and wrote and imagined thanks to the show.

Supernatural makes me happy everyday. That's how much the show affected my life. It means everything.

 A very happy, very grateful fan and member of the SPNFamily


With love,

21 years old




I started watching Supernatural when season 2 was airing, a friend gave me the 1st 4 episodes of S1 on a flashdrive and it took me a while but one evening thought I'd take a look, and that was it, had to watch all of S1 caught up with S2 and been with it ever since. I started watching convention uploads on Utube and fell for Misha, because of him I went on Twitter and through that became part of the wonderful SPNFamily. Through Twitter I met 6 Amazing women, two of whom persuaded me to go to Asylum 10, my first ever convention safe in the knowledge that although I'd be travelling there alone, there would be "family" there to meet me and enjoy the experience with me, my life is richer because of them and all because I followed Misha on Twitter because I love Supernatural.


54 years old

Cardiff, Wales



I don't think it’s really possible for me to put into words what Supernatural means to me. Its more than just a tv show. It’s like a permanent part of my life & the characters are like family members. I find myself going through all the emotional ups & downs Dean & Sam go through right along with them.
I've been watching the show since it first premiered so I was probably the youngest person at the time that was watching it. I was around 10-11. I've always been older mentally than my age so I had no trouble understanding the storyline. It was the most interesting intense show I had seen in awhile & slowly I got more & more attached to it.
I've come to discover lately that Supernatural has become my escape. Whenever I'm going through something & I just want to not think about my situation for awhile, I watch Supernatural & suddenly I'm there with Dean & Sam & I'm in their lives & mine is.playing silently in the background. Sounds crazy but that's really how it is. It has a special place in my heart & NOTHING could ever replace.
Sometime down the road I know the show is going to end & while its going to probably break my heart, I'll be forever grateful to the cast & crew & everyone behind bringing this show to life. Jensen & Jared are the best Sam & Dean & no other actors could portray those roles lime they do. They're perfect. Misha & Jim are just as amazing. Were in Jims case (BRING BOBBY BACK!). I don't really know what else to say other than thank you to the everyone involved with SPN for doing what you do, thank you Jensen & Jared for being the amazing actors that you are, & thank you Supernatural. I’m here until the end.


18 years old

   Newark, NJ 



What does Supernatural mean to me? It means life... In a way that is hard to describe.

My bestfriend and I went our separate ways for stupid unknown reason in University and then one day we talked about a show.... "You heard of Supernatural?".... Then we took my dog for a walk to watch them film and bam! We had a weekly tradition, dinner and a show and we remembered why we meant so much to each other.

Then the years went on. Dog and I kept walking, past sets and we met more people. Those people as weird as our initially meetings were and the circumstances of us getting together could be ended up being the people that kept me alive for a whole year... Literally.

One of my favourite things in life is the fact that Supernatural happens to love to film on a route I've walked for over 20 years. Unfortunately that elation was dimmed by the fact that I was nearly robbed/raped/murdered on one of my favourite routes to work that takes me past the most past Supernatural locations. BUT luckily for me this show gave me the support group that would get me through it all.

I am blessed because an amazing psychologist in town found my story and she offered me her services for free. During my sessions we talked a LOT about the friends I found because of this little show called "Supernatural". When I was attempting to return to work she remarked that it was these men and women that I found through the show that were truly the ones to see me and the best/worst of everything I had been through... Not only the close encounter in the park but also being hit by a car and suffering the injuries from that and deaths in my family.

Every episode I watch I'm reminded of the family I've gained because of the show and the strength they've given me. Without them I would be a quarter of the woman I am today.


32 years old

New Westminster, British Columbia 




I am a 67 year old great grandmother who is also a widow, having lost my husband of 26 years very unexpectedly just before Christmas 2005. I am blessed to have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My 15 year old grand daughter introduced me to this amazing show and I became addicted immediately. The love and bond between Dean and Sam is so well written and acted that I feel as if I really know "the boys". I realize that may sound silly to some, but it is perfectly understandable to those of us who love this show and are part of the Supernatural fandom/family. Wednesday nights are Supernatural nights and I don't miss an episode-new or repeats. Hate it when something else comes on during that hour. I watch the previous seasons on TNT and was very happy when season 7 started showing on TNT. In fact, with my tv package, I get both east & west and often watch both feeds. I bawl when the brothers fight and sob when Dean cries. Jensen's performances as Dean are so believable that I hurt when he hurts and love when he's silly and/or trying to joke. I've laughed so hard my sides hurt at some of the crazy things that come up with & between "the boys", Bobby, Garth, Castiel & various other characters. Really like Kevin & Mrs. Tran also, but my heart belongs to "the boys". I relate to Dean because I am also the oldest and have never felt that I lived up to what was expected of me. I relate to Sam because I always wanted a "perfect life". I find myself thinking of lines from Supernatural as things come up in my life and "Carry On my Wayward Son" is now my favorite song. I'm hoping this show goes on for several more years, if the writers keep coming up with new ideas. I'm really liking the "Batcave" and "Men of Letters" theme and the "tablets" storyline. There are still lots more stories to be told and I want to see them all.


67 years old

Grand Prairie, TX 



I am truly inspired by Supernatural. It got me through a rough patch in my life, and gave me something to look forward to every day. Because of Supernatural, I achieved my dream to travel because the actors & actresses of Supernatural is such a huge motivational factor for me that I just cannot allow any other situation to play out other than me GOING TO USA to meet them!

I meet like-minded friends and awesome people that I have a hard time finding back at home! I feel at home with the SPN family, where art, insanity is celebrated and not just the fact that you can bring in the most dough.

SPN intro-ed me to Misha and his gishwhes shenanigans. AGAIN, meet awesome friends all over the world and did incredible but seriously insane works of art! I can proudly say I was part of the movement to break a guinness world record, twice! Discovered the part of me through Misha that really wants to give back to people more than ever. And that its okay to be crazy, as long as it is a positive thing for others!

Supernatural, be it the casts or the fandom, is like family. No matter what, we stick together and support each other.

Supernatural's show is all about family. And outside of the tv show, Supernatural IS family. Kudos to everyone who made Supernatural the success it is and may SPN stay awesome as always.


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Danielle and I planned to go to #VegasCon. She described it as being EPIC. I bought us two Gold weekend passes in the third row and we screamed with joy and anticipation. We would sing I Touch Myself at Karaoke and party on the roof of the Rio at the VooDoo bar. Planning and scheming was a full time job as the months grew closer and the time grew short. She bought Fantail candies for Mark Sheppard and photo ops with Mark/Mark and Sebastian. Twitter got her in contact with Ty and even before he was scheduled to attend he promised he would come and join us for drinks on the roof of the Rio. On January 30th No Jez passed away and left all of her friends and family in shock. I attended the convention with a heavy heart and followed through with our plan to sing at Karaoke. Mark received his candies and through tears and sobs I explained my mission to carry out her wishes. One week after the convention her daughter traveled to Vegas to spread her ashes where we know she would have been if the universe had let her have her way. Good bye Danielle. I will always carry you with me and will sing tribute to you at every convention for ever more. I love you babe.


54 years old

  Rhode Island 



I discovered Supernatural with my daughter, through her friend, on Veteran's Day 2010. She loaned us her season one dvd set, because she thought we would like the series. We watched the pilot, and were immediately hooked. After watching the first season, we went out and bought all five available seasons for ourselves.

I 'connected' with the character of Sam fairly quickly, as I have always told my family that I was 'born under a black hole', because I have had more than my fair share of bad luck and problems with my health. Watching Sam deal with having a 'supernatural target' on his back, yet staying true to his heart and conquering evil, has helped me to continue to struggle through my own issues. The whole cast and crew of Supernatural, as well as the fandom, have made me feel like I am part of a huge, wonderfully caring family. I have made many friends in the fandom, that laugh and cry with me, and help me to never give up.

Jared and Jensen are two amazing people. Their love for each other and family, their fans too, has also restored my faith in the goodness of people as a whole. Supernatural has made me feel special in a world where too many things and people have become commonplace. I can't imagine where I would be today, if I hadn't started watching this incredible show, or gotten to know the actors and fans from attending conventions. I just know that each day, no matter how much pain I am in, I can continue to strive for a better life, because that's what Sam and Dean do.


52 years old

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So I am a relative newbie when it comes to Supernatural. I only started watching last year but after the first episode I was hooked. I couldn't believe that I had spent so much time watching television and hadn't seen an episode yet. Then again I had my first son right around the time Supernatural started so I guess I was a bit preoccupied. What does this show mean to me? It means "me time". Being the mom of two crazy little boys while working full time and attending college leaves very little time for me to just relax and enjoy being myself again. No hats to wear, no personas to mask how I really feel at the time. While watching Supernatural I can drink a glass of wine, unwind, and let the cast take me along on their adventures. I laugh, cry, and grimace right along with them. The entire crew feels like an extended dysfunctional family which makes me feel right at home. Going to the Vegas Con only reinforced that and I hope to enjoy many more adventures with them all in years yet to come.


37 years old

Las Vegas



To me, Supernatural means family. If the show has taught me anything, it's that family don't end with blood, and that certainly rings true for the community of people who watch this show. The endless level of support that this family has shown me in the past two years alone is incredible, and it's astonishing to think that without the show, we simply wouldn't have it. Supernatural has pulled me out of dark places as well as helped me through them, and in all honesty, I can't imagine what I would've done without it. I have new role models now - better, beautiful ones who promote happiness and kindness. I've cried many tears for this show; felt anger, felt joy, and found love... And I'm yet to regret a single moment. I think I found my family just in time, and I'm never going to stop being thankful for it.


17 years old

England, UK



I have loved Supernatural since the moment Sam and Dean reunited, hunted, and kicked the ghost of Constance Welch in the ass. But Supernatural is so much more than just a television show.
The more I learned more about the people who make Supernatural for me (something I really have never done before), the more I loved them. It started with Jared and Jensen--my crushes. These men, both already overly attractive, became increasingly so when I realized what good people they are. They are not the superficial actors society has come to expect. They are both so funny, modest, humble, generous, warm, good natured...the list goes on. Then as I learned more about the rest of the cast and crew (if I tried to name them all I would undoubtedly forget someone as there are so many good people here), all of them sharing in the aforementioned attributes! They ALL so rarely take credit where credit is due, always thanking and crediting us, the FANS! How could I not love and cherish each and every one of them more than I already did?
Supernatural helped me through many periods of stress where the week would hold nothing but a dark cloud, and Supernatural was like my sun. And because of that, and my ever growing love for the show, it gave me the courage to do something no one in my family has ever done before. Something I thought I would never do. I took a 5 day vacation by myself. Can you guess where I went? Vancouver!! Vancon 2012. It has been 7 months since the best weekend of my life and I am still riding a high. Just looking at my photo ops with Rich and Matt, Misha, and the J's makes my heart swell and brings a smile to my face. It was one thing to read that these people were wonderful, but another thing completely to see it firsthand. The friends I made from around the world, the tour with Russ, meeting Kevin, Jose's Pupusas, Steve's concert, the karaoke party, all the was everything I imagined and so much more. Having gone to a place thousands of miles from home and anyone I know, yet to be surrounded by so many who truly understand how much and exactly every reason why I love this show and it's people will forever fill me with euphoria.
Supernatural has greatly affected my life. It gave me a different kind of family. Nothing groundbreaking for those on the outside looking in. But just to have that feeling of belonging, that confidence that so many others feel the same way that I do; to be a part of this family will forever and always fill me with happiness and pride.


23 years old

New York



Supernatural means so much to me because it's helped me start to find confidence in myself for probably the first time in my life.

I've been struggling most of my life with depression and bipolar disorder, and for a long time, I had given up hope. Two years ago, I found Supernatural and instantly was hooked by the dynamic characters, compelling story line, and most of all, how amazing the cast of this series was. These men had inspired me to struggle out of the hole I had dug myself in and I would find myself happier more often.

Then I discovered Toronto Con last year. Despite the far distance and the fact that I had never gotten a job, my best friend and I made the plan to go. This series had helped me get out of my shell enough for me to get out and find a job and six months later, I was in Toronto with my best friend and a Gold Pass. I can honestly say that the experience was life changing. Before the trip, I found my low moods and bouts of despair coming less and less because I was so focused on meeting the people who had changed my life for the better. Even months after the con, my depression has been less and less compared to how great it had been over the years.

Supernatural means the absolute world to me because it's saved and changed my life for the better in so many ways.


19 years old

South Jordan, Utah



Hello Cast and Crew of Supernatural:)

First of all I want to thank the crew and cast for making the best show ever made. And this is actually the first time I ever made clear what the show really means to me. Honestly it means the world to me. The show has learned me a few important things; that it doesn't matter if you're a freak or that you think you're different or something like that. It's just the way you are and nothing can change that. And real friends and your family will love you for who you are. Also that family is very important and they will forgive you no matter what you do, because it's family. And the last thing I can come up with now is that you have to cherish all the things in life because you'll never know when it's gonna be over.

Supernatural makes me smile,laugh en sometimes even cry. My taste in music has really improved since supernatural. And I don't know why but since I watch it, I appreciate myself more and just show people who I really am.

This year didn't start great for me and some stuff has happened, but supernatural helped me through it just like the fandom. For example supernatural won two awards, Jensen and Danneel are expecting their first child, and the best thing yet I'm going to the Asylum 10 in Birmingham UK. That, really is a dream coming true for me:).

I can't remember my life before Supernatural and what I did with it before I went in the fandom. But now I'm in, it's wonderful I love al the dedicated fans and how they love the show as much as I do. And talk about it. That makes me happy, just to see how many fans there are that are part of this awesome fandom.

So I guess this is the end of my story...
And again I want to thank everybody who is a part of the show and I hope you guys like what supernatural means to me. And you'll enjoy reading the stories from others fans throughout the world and realize what a show can accomplish to some people.


15 years old

The Netherlands

P.s. I'm sorry if my grammar isn't right or my spelling. I'm just a humble dutch girl.



I always loved Supernatural from the moment I saw it several seasons in, but it became something truly meaningful to me after my Mother was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

I'm a writer and after my mother's diagnosis, I turned to Supernatural fan fiction. It gave me an outlet from the stress; a way to let go for a little while and lose myself in the amazing world and rich characters the show has given us.

Supernatural has been my relief and my rock, both the show itself and writing stories for it; doing my best to be faithful to the characters I've grown to love so much.

I can't ever thank the creators, cast and crew of Supernatural enough for giving me a healthy outlet to deal with my stress and the strength to carry on and keep smiling for my Mom.

For the birth of "Disasteriffic Kaz", I thank you Supernatural, from the bottom of my heart.


41 years old

Roanoke, VA 



It is difficult to explain how something has affected our lives indefinitely, because such few things do. This instance isn’t any different. Other than the obvious answer of? It gave my life meaning? Supernatural has taught me things that i will never forget: that pie should be treasured and free will is the best thing in the world. It’s a very popular answer to say? I’ve made new friends? but it is a true fact. I speak on behalf of the Supernatural fandom when I say thank you for being alive. Seriously though, everyone must call their parents or guardians or siblings or whatever and tell them thank you. We truly are the best fan base. Supernatural is one of the best things I can think of and I CANNOT stress that enough. My name is Maya Naomi Hazza, I was born on a Wednesday in 1998. I have a cat and exactly 4 friends. I like cult classics and hope to one day drive around in a 1974 VW Van. I am a fangirl and am part of the Supernatural fandom. I am a Hunter.
Dear Cast of Supernatural,
I’d like to thank you for being the Cast of Supernatural.
Dear Crew of Supernatural,
I’d like to thank you for being what makes the show about Sam and Dean and not about Jared and Jensen making Misha mess up and die of laughter and frustration.
Dear Eric Kripke,
I’d like to thank you for writing your ideas down.


14 years old

Westin, FL



It has taken me quite some time to figure out what this show means to me.  However, after some careful consideration, Supernatural means the following:


Family:  Ever since I decided to become a more active member of this wonderful community, I felt a sense of family.  It is extremely apparent in some of the groups I am involved in on Facebook.  For example, in the group Carry On, if there is someone who is going through some tough times and just needs someone to talk to; someone is always available or is always willing to talk.  I can tell you, on several occasions, if it wasn’t for this family, I more than likely would have made some pretty rash decisions that would have resulted in things I don’t think I could even be able to describe.  Like Bobby always said “Family don’t end with blood,” which is something I truly take to heart.


Emotions: Ever since I began watching the show, I have gotten emotionally involved with the characters.  When the boys have experienced happiness, I will experience it with them.  If there is laughter, I laugh with them.  When they feel sadness, I am sad with them.  This was exceptionally true with the death of Bobby.  I began to cry halfway through the episode, and continued to cry for about 2 hours after it was over.  That for me, was probably one of the biggest emotional experiences I have had so far in this show.


Financial Responsibility: I believe it was the summer of 2011 when I first heard of cons.  I was quite confused as to what they were all about, but then I came across a group on Facebook that provided information and helpful tips on how to experience a con in the best way.  I was intrigued and began to ask questions and eventually decided that I needed to have this experience.  I decided to go to Nashcon in June 2012, since that would give me a year to save up money.  I was super pumped, as this was going to be my first con ever!  I worked my tail off as much as I could, as I was still in school at the time.  Things got a little hairy when it was announced that Nashcon had to be moved up to February 2012 instead of June 2012, due to a scheduling conflict. 

I was so sad when I got that email because that meant I wasn’t going to be able to go because it was during the school year and I hadn’t had enough money saved L  In the email, it stated that if you could not attend you could have your ticket switched to a different con and long story short, I ended up switching my ticket to DallasCon 2012, which occurred in September 2012.  That summer, I worked 30-40, sometimes 60 hours between two jobs, and each paycheck, I took a little out and put it towards things like airfare, photo ops, etc.  It was something that I really wanted, and I wanted to be able to say I paid for it myself.  Despite the fact that I did miss three days of student teaching that September, it was one of the best events I have experienced in my entire life.  Meeting the cast was like a dream; I never ever thought that I would get to meet actors from my favorite show.  Besides getting to meet the actors, one of the best highlights was the friendships I formed with fellow fans.  I love them dearly and hope to go and visit them when I have enough money J


I don’t know if Eric Kripke and those that write, produce, and direct the episodes had any idea what an impact this show would have on some of its viewers.  For me, the impact it has involves family, emotions, and financial responsibility.  I’ve made such great friendships, experienced emotional turmoil, and have gained a better financial perspective because of Supernatural.  I know one day it will end, but thank goodness for TV on DVD, because now, I can go back and relive each experience to remind me of what Supernatural means to me.


Thank you J

 25 years old
West Fargo, North Dakota



Supernatural has recently taken over my life. I've been and still am in many fandom a before (Sherlock, Doctor Who, etc.), but none of them have effected me the way that Supernatural has. This show has me laughing out loud and then five minutes later on the verge of tears. It's an emotional roller coaster every episode, but it's so worth it. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the cast and crew that put together such and amazing show. Everyone involved seems to have dived in and given everything they have to make the show great, and appreciating their fans. I've never seen another group of actors that care about their fans so much, and I want to thank all of the people that make a special effort to listen to our silly stories and answer our difficult questions when they are in no way obligated to do so. We love them for that. Supernatural seems like such a simple concept that could be easily forgotten, but the people that work on it everyday have made it into an experience that I'll certainly never be able to forget. You guys are all awesome; carry on!
Much love,

17 years old

Las Vegas

P.S. Extra special props to the casting department for finding the perfect actors for the job. :)



I have been new to the supernatural family ...The first episode I saw was"a very supernatural Christmas" which was airing on a channel on April if i remember correctly . Even since then I've been catching up with the show and I was so into it that i finished the whole 7 seasons(as by the time I caught up with it the season 7 finale was aired )

where i live there are so many good TV shows that are aired like Egyptian shows, Turkish and lots of other different shows from all over the world , But there was something in this show that really got me hooked from the first episode .I guess one of the main reasons that drawn me into the amazing world of the "Supernatural" is that it's not about two handsome brothers who travel or stuff like that .No it was the fact that the show has a great story and motives and also cause it shows the great and unbreakable bond between two brothers. Since I’m the older sibling like "Dean" so i was like this is so awesome ..this is how I’d like to be for my brother and sister ...this how i want my siblings to look at me like that .

Also the fact it's all so real like yeah they are family but even family sometimes fight and get mad ,that yeah life is hard and it come between family sometimes but" getting over it and brushing it all off by the end of the day" is what real family do for each other. After all "they always choose family.. well isn't that the whole point"

The show has like the best writers , cast/crew, fans ,producers and all in all i can honestly say that the set is cursed to have "the most awesome and perfect people in this industry " i mean honestly you are a great cool family ...even the guest stars that have worked in the show are so talented and we have the best camera men ever ;) (and the funniest trolls ever)

you are the best thing that have ever happened to many people and I’m one of these people cause the show is more than just a show or an obsession for us somehow became like a life for us as we have came to know the brothers and shared some of their happy and sad moments .We have laughed, cried , loved and hated with them . so we love the show for its story and aspects and not just cause we have the most handsome and amazing trio ever :)

It hurts just to think that one day we will wait for a new episode on Wednesday to realize that our team free will is no longer there :( and that there is a new show that I’ll not be interested to see . " no doubt ....endings
are hard but then again nothing ever really ends.. does it?" so yeah it might end and we might never have to see our favorite show again but it will never end for us cause it'll always live with us and it would be the show that we show to our children and our grand kids and laugh and tell them "This was what we were watching when we were your age ...These are the people that i'd have sold my soul to spend one day in their set ...This are the 3 men that were our knights when we were young ....This how I want you to fight for your brothers and sisters ..This what you should do for your family " and before we put them to sleep we would tell them "angels are watching over you " and when thy ask what angels looks like I’d tell them angels are cute beings who have the bluest eyes ever and sometimes they wear beige trench coats , others have a cute accent and are so mischievous like Balty while some loves candy.

And when I'm asked what was the first car that you have or dreamed to have i'd say that I had wanted to buy a black 67 chevy impala .And whenever some one try to scare me or tell me ghosts and monsters are real I’d laugh and tell them well "i know a little about a lot of things; just enough to make me dangerous. "

Now I’m blabbering so to wrap it up i just want to thank Eric Kripke and all the great writers,directors and crew members for giving us this great show that will always be the best to us even after years and years cause we are the best family ever <3

Sending every and each one in this amazing show lots of appreciation , adoration , love and thanks for what they have given us .For all the nights the actors and crew have stayed awake and for all the time they stayed away from their families just to give us the show we love ...for all that I am thankful.
Hope that one day i could meet this amazing family till then this all i can do to show you that on another place of the world there is some girl that adore your work <3 hope you all read this from the writers to actors , producers, cameramen ,technicians to crew and everyone who is there :)

Note..... guess its pretty clear that the show is everything i can think of since i'm like quoting it over and over sorry for that ;') but can't help cause this words really describe how it all means to us .


18 years old





During my spring break last year, I saw that the first six seasons of Supernatural were on Netflix and made my mom watch the first episode with me, having been curious about if for years. The day before the premier of season 8 in September we had watched every episode up to the season 7 finale. My mom and I spent all our free time together watching, weekends and after school if I didn't have homework. I remember waiting for her to get home from work so I could watch with her. This show brought us a little closer, gave us common ground to work off of. I definitely didn't expect this show to become my favorite, or for it to make me feel like part of an amazing whole with the fans. This show touched me like no other, I felt so connected to the characters and so attached. Not only the characters, but the actors. This show has one flawless cast, full of great, down to earth, loving people who love each other and love what they do. They bring the characters to life. For an hour every week, they aren't Jared and Jensen and Misha and Jim; they're Sam, Dean, Cas, Bobby. And the crew is simply amazing, too. I'm constantly amazed by the story arcs the writers come up with, the effects and makeup done by the SFX team, the amazing camera shots -- all of it is simply fantastic.
It's been a year to date now since I started watching this show, and I hope I can keep watching it for years to come.
Sincere thanks to you guys.


15 years old




To everyone who has worked on Supernatural, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for the hours, days, weeks, months, and years you have put into making this an outstanding show.
I've enjoyed the show ever since my best friend started me watching it six years ago, but over the past two months, I've found a deeper appreciation for it - as something more than just simple entertainment.
I'm a young military wife, married for just about a year and half, and I'm two months into my first real separation from my husband. I could say that I knew what I was getting into when I married him, but I'm realizing very fast that you can't really know until you're actually in that situation. It's hard. It's lonely. And it would be really easy to slip into a dark mood.
But somehow, watching this show has helped. Being reminded of the value of family, of the need to face the darkness rather than giving in to it, and of the importance of never giving up no matter what you're facing or what you've lost - that's exactly what I need on long lonely evenings. It would be easy to give up sometimes, to let the loneliness and depression take over, but when I need to remember to fight, this show helps.
So thank you, for working so hard to make a show that can go a little deeper than a lot of the other shows on TV. The end result has made an impact in my life, and I'm grateful.


24 years old




I think SPN means something different to each fan, I think we can all talk about how we feel about Supernatural and find that we all say something different. I started watching Supernatural halfway through season six and was hooked from one episode. Supernatural is a show unique in its way; fans from all over the world fall in love with the storyline, characters (even objects) and of course the amazing cast and crew we are blessed with to be working on the show.

What Supernatural means to me is a show where anything is possible. It doesn’t have limitations because in a show as unique as it is, it can be funny and humourous one episode to the very next episode be dark and full of emotion. It’s a portrayal of a brotherly bond so strong it is beautiful to watch. That type of family bond that Sam and Dean Winchester display on the show is like no other; the brothers are so close and have been willing to die for each other time and time again. In a society which prefers men to close off their emotions it is so refreshing and wonderful to see too brothers so close and acting so lovingly towards each other. The writers and the acting of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have also made it so while the bond and love between the brothers is so deep and strong, it doesn’t do overboard and become ridiculous. It is all with amazing hard work that we have Sam and Dean Winchester the way they are; both the writers and the actors have done an outstanding job in creating such an amazing brotherly bond that we as the viewers can feel and see.

What Supernatural means to me is that family doesn’t end in blood. Supernatural has taught myself and many of the other fans important lessons; I feel its lessons in family are one of them. Though Supernatural we are shown and we learn that family doesn’t end in blood; in fact some of your closest family members may been no blood relation to you at all but that doesn’t make them any less part of your family. In television today there is always so much focus of how important people who share the same blood that you do but Supernatural battles this stereotype and shows that anyone can be part of your family with much loved characters like Bobby and Castiel. To Sam and Dean Winchester both Bobby and Castiel, as well as many other characters, have been like family to them and they show them the same love that they show their family members by blood. To the Winchesters, family means everything; its the most important thing to them. The dedication to family that us the viewers see is one of the things that makes us adore Supernatural so much. We fans have adopted the name family to describe us as a fanbase because what better way to describe fans of a television show where family is so important? Many of the fans are not blood but we do feel like a family when we talk via social networking sites or meet up at cons. There is always such a happy family atmosphere which is so amazing and wonderful to experience.

What Supernatural means to me will always be the happy memories, moments and experiences I have because of it. Supernatural brings people closer together, if helps new friendships be formed and helps like minded people meet. The friends I have meet because and through Supernatural are friends whom I will treasure and love for life. I have made friends during college, one of whom I can call my best friend, though one picture of Supernatural which turned into an two hour long conversation. It meant none of us managed to get our work done but it was worth it. Because if one thing is more important than education its the friendships and relationships that you build and form. I have also been blessed to have meet many fans online as well. With Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, fan sites, and some amazing Tumblr blogs as well as communities on LiveJournal I have had the chance to speak with other fans and share in their experiences. I have shared in the memories and moments with some wonderful people and made lifelong friends which I owe to Supernatural. I have also learnt how no matter how old you get, you will still have those special friendships though watching the closeness of their friendship with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They never shy away from telling the fans just how close and how much they mean together and it’s so adorable and beautiful to watch. I can only hope that my best friend and I stay as close they are.

What Supernatural means to me is never to shy away from the impossible because there is always a choice. Sam and Dean Winchester are always face the impossible and they always come out on top. They face their fears and the dangers each day and they always pull through. I suppose that is a life lesson; never let anything stop you achieving your goal. If you put your mind to something and work at it hard enough you can achieve everything and anything. Supernatural is full of important life lessons without being too in your face about it and I think that’s what has helped make Supernatural such a successful show. It outstands and achieves perfection with just the simplest of things.

What Supernatural means to me is that it is more than just a show. I feel it has become a subculture, a separate lifestyle now. My room is decorated in Supernatural posters, I rewatch the series back to back over and over again, I write the fan fiction, I even own better of plaid and a Utility Jacket now. Supernatural has a huge effect on my wardrobe and how I live my life. Whenever I am on a plane I automatically hum Metallic because its the little things that happen in the show which have a huge impact on my life. Once I am eighteen next month I already have getting a pentagram tattoo like from Supernatural because I want a physical and permanent reminder of all the amazing things Supernatural has brought into my life. Supernatural has forever changed my life, not just as a fan thing but as a person also. To me Supernatural will always be more than a show. Supernatural stopped being just a show three episodes in and became a way of life. It became the thing that has brought me together with some many amazing people, it became the thing that has taught me more about life than anything ever has. I will forever be in debt to the fantastic and truly amazing cast and crew of Supernatural for everything positive that it has brought into my life. I don’t think I will ever possibly say thank you enough to them but I hope they how much the show means its fans and that we will stand by them though everything.

What SPN means to me words can not fully describe. To me it means the world, its means a whole new reason for existence, it means family, it means friendship, it means the greatest acts of love, it means going beyond limits, it means the humanity in us all, it means achieving the impossible. Supernatural means so much more to me then I can ever write down in words or express through speech. Somethings are indescribable because of how great they are and how they fill people with such awe. Supernatural is one of them; it speaks to its fan in such a way and I can barely hold my excitement when a new episode is about to show or when a new book is about to come out.


17 years old

Wales, Great Britain 



My name is Priya and I'm from Singapore. I'm blessed to be a fan of Supernatural and be part of our Supernatural Family.

Never have I felt so in love, with the brothers who give all to those they hold dear to their hearts. Never have I felt so lost, when optimism is shattered by the reality of what's to come.
Never have I felt so much pain, for their sufferings, desperation, and the longing for a life they can call their own.
Never have I felt so alone, when all hope seems to have gone. These was all practically my different stages in my life with the highs and lows. And to know the brothers are with me in their journey with the same struggles and emotions. I feel very connected to the show and it helps me in ways I could not even imagine.

And never in the history of Television , have I ever felt so passionate for two fictional characters,
Sam and Dean Winchester.

Thanks to the show, within my book of Jensen &Jared memories, Are special thoughts of the boys. And all the many nice things, They often say and do -As I recall each single thought, I realize the happiness, that knowing the boys has brought to my struggling life.


24 years old




"Supernatural," quite simply, means family to me. It’s a family I never knew existed, until I went to work at a closed captioning company that happened to caption the show, and I watched SPN for the first time. It’s a family I never knew I needed, until I lost an important person in my blood family, and my SPN family rose up and supported me in so many ways. It’s a family that, even after the show has ended, I know already I will never part with. “Family don’t end with blood,” and the kindness, understanding, joy, creativity, acceptance, and love in the SPN family won’t end, either.
Thank you for an amazing show, and thank you for introducing me to a family that means the world to me.


28 years old
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



The show is great have watch it since season 1 when I was 11 the series has a lot of emotions that most shows don't.One of the few things me and my brothers have in common and first show 2 scare me. If it ends soon I would really hope it is a great end 2 a great show.


18 years old

Chicago, IL



I have been watching Supernatural since it posted to the web, before the first episode was ever on television. My entire family has been watching since that fateful night it first aired 8 years ago now. Here is my story...

I suffer from several disabilities that include Fibromyalgia, Severe Depression, Degenerative Disc Disease and Acute Agoraphobia(fear of crowds). Over the past 8 years I have progressively gotten worse to the point that I can no longer work.

During this time I have been able to relate to both Sam and Dean's trials and tribulations on the show, so I let them carry me through my pain. While the doctors would give me pain medications I would try not to take them, but by staying in bed, I would watch Sam and Dean battle demons over and over time and again thinking that they were fighting for me against everything I was fighting for. Eventually I would just stay in bed and watch Supernatural on television and not go anywhere.
While attending a convention with my daughter I found out you could volunteer for other conventions and found out that they hosted a Supernatural Convention. I wrote to them and was accepted as a volunteer. I attended the Supernatural Convention, extremely aprehensively. I was unsure of what to expect and my fear of crowds was sure to stop me. When I got to the Convention in Los Angeles I was in for something special, the attendee's were like family with each other and they treated me like they had known me for years. They were all so nice to me and I didn't get that feeling that you get from crowds of people like you are going to be crushed at any moment or like I was drowning. Everybody was friendly.

I have now been attending the conventions as a volunteer for 3 years and am happy to tell everyone that these people that attend are my family as well as the people that volunteer for these conventions. I have found my niche in the world even though my body still does not want to cooperate I still owe so much to Supernatural and my Supernatural family. Carry On.


42 years old

Crestline, CA




Once, my father said to me that "there is so such thing as important TV".

That, I've discovered, is one of the biggest lies I've ever heard.

I truly believe that watching the first episode of Supernatural was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has affected and altered every aspect of my life on a molecular level (just metaphorically, of course... I think), and that's something I never could have possibly expected.

I've always been considered a bit of a "dreamer". Which is a really funny term, I think, but it's one used to describe me by my friends and family. Inside whatever world I'd chosen to visit for the day - London, Ethiopia, Neverland, Narnia - everything was interesting and my mind was set ablaze with creative possibility, which is another way of saying that "stuff was cool and good, and it helped me to create other stuff that was cool and good". Outside, my life has became more and more complicated. I've had to deal with my own anxiety and mental issues, major issues involving my family, the added pressure of highschool, and the fallout of my inability to cope with it all properly. None of my problems are half as bad as what others have to put up with, of course, but they're still present in my life, and I just can't seem to shake them. The show and the incredible fan base that accompanies it has given me a way to materialize the relief that I find in reading books and watching television in a surprisingly physical way, which is something that nothing else has been able to offer me.

Supernatural has given me unbelievable role models in the form of the characters, the crew, and, of course, the actors. These are people who inspire me, who I can look up to, emanate, and turn to to lend me strength in their words and actions.

I'd pretty much given up on any hope of continuing in acting, because the panic and stress that comes with it was just too much for me to handle. This year, though, I've worked up the courage to join a theatre class, and I intend on working my way through it, no matter how difficult it gets.

Supernatural has given me so many opportunities that would have otherwise passed me by. I've had the chance to participate in unbelievable events, projects, and discussions which have broadened my world and introduced me to people and ideas that I'd never before encountered.

I've always loved the thought of kindness simple for the sake of kindness. Charity, volunteer work, a kind word or two... but I never felt like I'd done enough. This year, though, I've been increasingly involved with Random Acts, among projects that I've got in the works and ones that other fans have set up. Another thing I've always appreciated is insanity of the zany and random variety. So, this summer, I'll be participating in GISHWHES, which I've been told repeatedly is about the zaniest and most random way to spend my summer vacation.

Supernatural has given me a family. Yes, some aspects of that family are sort of vicious, but that's the way a family this large is bound to work, and the feeling of togetherness, of being included in this unusual group, is what keeps me here throughout the conflict.

I honestly don't get out enough. I tend to hole up in my room, only coming out to go to school, take hikes, and tend to my garden, and I only go out with friends when they've expressly invited me to. This year, though, I attended VegasCon, and between the new people I met, the freedom of it all, and the awesomeness of the event itself, it was one of the most incredible experiences I've had thus far, and I promise to go to another convention in the near future.

And, if the repetitiveness of this hasn't gotten to you yet, I've got one more coming your way:

Supernatural has given me a place in which I can truly be myself, free of the anxiety and restraints that come with fear of judgement. A place where I can be comfortable in my own skin, where I can grow the way that's best for me, and where I can count on the support of others in whatever I do.

It's given me a home, and for that I am forever grateful.


15 years old

New Mexico



The most incredible thing about fandom is that it’s like coming home.


Growing up, I never felt like I belonged anywhere.  High School was the loneliest time of my life.  I didn’t fit in with the jocks or the popular kids or the nerds or the theatre geeks.  I was an outsider, and it led to a deep depression that seemed to take away all of my passion for life.  That is, until I found a fandom.


Back then it was Harry Potter.  Suddenly every ounce of passion that I had, every emotion, was brought to the surface and poured into these books; and when I found others who felt the same way about these books as I did, then everything changed.  Everything brightened.  I had found a family.  I had found a home.


I never imagined I could feel the same way about something as an adult.  I never imagined I would need to.  The thing is, life never stops being hard.  There will always be times when you feel like an outsider.  There will always be times when you need a family with whom you share something that runs deeper than blood.


The Supernatural fandom shares a passion and a love that allows for strangers to become family faster than you can say, “Oh, you watch Supernatural? Me too!”


What does Supernatural mean to me?  It means being a part of a family who understands me and accepts me for who I am.  A family who has been through Hell like I have, and come out stronger.  A family who will help others simply because we watch the same television show.  A family that knows just how true the words “family don’t end with blood” really are.  A family who understands that my love for this show is not an obsession that rules my life, but a passion that allows me to go out and live my life to the fullest.


Thank you, Supernatural!


25 years old

Louisville, KY